MIT is planning to establish a novel university called "major subjects, lectures, classrooms pears"

ByFrancisco Osorio

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Announcing a program that can acquire a master's degree with a free online courseIt is known for being focused on unprecedented educational style such as doing. Such MITOffice of the Dean for Graduate EducationProfessor Christine Ortiz who is dean of the Department of Education (ODGE) has planned to establish a novel university without major subjects, lectures and classrooms.

Dean for graduate education to take leave, start new university - The Tech

Professor Christin Ortiz is aiming to establish a non-profit university with a dormitory system, which is a new model university that learns based on research projects. Professor Ortiz said, "If the new university is established, there will be no distinction between students and graduates," and there is no concept of major subjects, lectures, classrooms, etc., and according to the research project-based learning style, It seems that you can omit the course of education.

Students at the new university can tackle both basic research and applied research based on ideas and prospects of their startups and focus on research until completion of the project regardless of past degree or grade after admission can do. Professor Ortiz aims at a fundamentally different learning model from the traditional "degree system", but on the other hand, I believe that I can acquire the same level of degree as online education. Although it is possible to respond flexibly without disturbing the student's project progress with a new system that has never existed yet, it has not been disclosed about specific learning methods and the like.

BySteven S.

Professor Ortiz is planning to resign ODEG 's dean of the undergraduate position for a year with this semester and has already started collecting teams to support the establishment of the new university. After resignation, we plan to start legal procedures necessary for establishing the university. In addition, Professor Ortiz wants the new university to become part of MIT.

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