Headline news on October 26, 2015

"Harukas 300" and "Osaka Aquarium" which is the observation platform of the highest building in Japan "Abe Harukasu" will be carrying out a collaboration project. In Harukas 300, 3D projection mapping entitled "The Sky of the Sky" was performed, and the character of Harukas 300 "Abe no Ebina" appeared at the Osaka Kaikan for winter illumination. Beginning on November 26th, both the Harukas 300 and the Osaka Aquarium do not require viewing fees other than admission fee.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the real purpose hidden behind the key of the mystery that the blade part turns into a bend? - GIGAZINE

"CopyCenter" for free copying work of iPhone and iPad dramatically easier - GIGAZINE

The resuscitation method to change the boundary between life and death so far to "lower the temperature of the human body" - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Broadcast Accident】 Under 1000 people in Sunday · Japon Revelation of one person's underground idol - Livedoor blog

Jizzy & Babaa is too strong B class horror "London Zombie Travel" is being distributed for free at GYAO! It can be funny just with preview video - Togetter Summary

A misprint of the first abdominal collapse so far wwwww: Nikkan Yaki Quick News

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Iwate volcano forecast "erupted" eruption ... prefectural large, with elementary particles: science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Alcohol confirmation from gas released from comet NHK News

Correction: October 24, 2015: Asahi Shimbun Digital

■ Correction: Showerhead "Water sterilization if sterilized" Makers of Fukuoka development

In the article of "Showerhead" Water sterilization sterilization "Fukuoka's manufacturer development" article (14th delivery), the ore "tourmaline" is incorporated inside the showerhead, and the water that passed was electrolyzed. There was a description. Tourmaline is an ore also called "Electric Stone" and it is said that it may take static electricity by heating and the like. However, there were several experts pointed out that it would not cause electrolysis by touching water only. For this reason, it is deemed inappropriate that the description that "water passing through the showerhead with ore tourmaline" is electrolyzed "in the article is deleted. The initial interview and the subsequent checks were inadequate.

How much does the income of parents affect academic ability? / Yamada Tetsuya / Educational Sociology | SYNODOS - Synodos -

There are cases where information on the distribution is presented, but when the results of the academic ability test are reported, the average correct answer rate by each prefecture and its ranking are strongly taken up. Such "average valueism" is also spreading when the Board of Education and schools conduct efforts to verify the results of the test and lead to improvement of the lesson.

Discussions focusing on only average alone can not be said to be accurately grasping the situation of academic achievement, and it is barren. In order to make this situation a little better, it is important to pay attention to distribution (Note).

(Note) Another way to overcome the violent average valueism is to take a difference in academic ability at multiple points as "added value" and focus on time-series changes in academic ability, but here Discussion is omitted.

The older people who do not laugh normally "health is bad" NHK News

The elderly who hardly laugh usually knows more than 1.5 times who feel that the health condition is bad compared to the elderly who laugh well, the research group of Chiba University and others understand, the research group said " It is said that it shows the possibility that it will be useful for health.

Observing "zombie stars" devouring the debris of the planet | National Geographic Japan version site

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【Toshiba Fraud Accounting】 Toshiba filed suit against former management team Chairperson 3 Requesting damages for president - Sankei news

9 people injured in Turkish embassy fighting brawl before NHK News

Bankruptcy of a care provider, the worst pace in the past Manpower shortage on the background: Asahi Shimbun Digital

About 90% of Korean experts "NHK relations should be improved" NHK News

Boomerang which flies with pile issue, again from Asahi Kasei Construction Material to Mitsui Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd. Market status Kabu full strength 2 floors

Policy on lifting the lifting of employment interview preliminary Keidanren NHK News

In recruitment activities by major companies in the industry, employment interviews have been lifted in August, which is four months behind the past as guidelines of Nippon Keidanren, but it has been pointed out that there are many problems such as prolonged job hunting activities.
Concerning this, Keidanren investigated 40 major member companies, and it turned out that 70% of the opinions saying "should change" was found.
As for the timing of the lifting of the interview, about half of the companies said that on June 1, 15% of enterprises should move forward on July 1.

Job selection September ban lifting, early next year ... Keidanren coordinating: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Adjust with 2 months earlier than current, around 4th graders June. The election cancellation date has just changed from August 16, 2004, to a four month late August, and the schedule review will be for two consecutive years. Consideration was given to the occurrence of confusion in job hunting activities such as the prolongation of recruitment activities and the increase of declining doctorate in small and medium enterprises, one after another, which started selection after August.

Miyagi prefectural assembly election Liberal Democratic Party Community doubles NHK News

Tokyo newspaper: 90% of the public opinion opinion is "too many nuclear power" in the power composition composition "oblivious": economy (TOKYO Web)

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A case where Yuko Tanube who wrote "Adult men adhering to junior high and high school girls" had written the sentence "ketzu of a mikoshi man" in the past - no gains today Z

Painful news (No ∀ `): Americans" Halloween is not a festive festival Japanese people do not know how to enjoy "- Livedoor blog

"Casino" to nursing care facilities, effects are pseudo currency Pachinko etc. Asahi Shimbun Digital

"If you can return to Hitler's baby, would you kill him?" Whether there are so many people who answered "kill" ...: Yurukyaru, the world seen from a foreigner

Can a newspaper reporter do "no overtime"? Results of one month challenge ... - West Japan newspaper

Supplement for the sale of Alexis Vichi's book

I wrote that the stock held by the small company will respond to the order until it disappears in "About the sale of books of Alexi Vici" posted on the website of the small company on October 21, but Svetlana Alexi Galina Dursthoff (Literary Agency) which manages the copyright of Aveich, there was a notice through the agent in Japan that contract and sales rights were also lost. Therefore, we will stop selling both books of Alexiy Vichi, which had been published at a small company, for all three books. We apologize for the incorrect notice due to lack of understanding of the small company against the contract contents and will correct it.

We will pay close attention so that such things will not occur in the future so we sincerely thank you for your permission from this misconduct.

"The quality of raw silk in Japan is the best in the world" is the beginning of the Meiji era? The situation of raw silk in the first Meiji period - Togetter Summary

"Japanese companies are funny, as seen from Western companies ..." Benesse · Harada's way of working (1/5) - ITmedia Business Online

Do cats reverse dogs? Pet number prospect Walking unnecessary etc. Background: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Form of New Library】 Setagaya Ward's "book without library" has been popular since its opening. | GetNavi web

80% of Japanese "business is not necessary for Korea" Impact of 6,000 Japanese and Korean businessmen survey | Weekly diamond this week Highlights | Diamond Online

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HTTP Request Status Analysis Guide (Part 1) for Moving Your Web Page Display to Explosion | Moz - SEO and Inbound Marketing Practice Information | Web Representative Forum

About the poor explanation that tends to be in the IT industry - Tips blog by text-based programmer

It is becoming a topic that there are a large number of mysterious books "Amazon" on Amazon in Amazon ... Togetter Summary

How to introduce the product manager system - a small feast

Observation can see everything - The way of attack and the reality of attackers targeting Japan - The DNS sink hole reveals, the actual state of targeted attacks targeting Japan: ITpro

Hiroshi Tokumaru's "New common sense of Web security" - Learn from the history of evolutionary techniques, unchanged essence, Web intrusion case: ITpro

About product manager - naoya's Hatena diary

It could happen to anyone ... a story that was mirrored in real time on the site and robbed of the top search [illegal copy, no good. Futsui] | Web memo

Data Analysis by Machine Learning Practice

How to make your own infrared digital camera with Raspberry Pi at 15,000 yen - karaage.

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A dream come true for PreCure - HIROSHI MIYAMOTO BLOG

Was it the original story of Bals? It is! - Togetter Summary

Those who think "Looking at another person and watching it and watching it and painting it as picture" can not forgive, is not it abnormal! What do you think of seeing this?

【Controversy】 "Is it true that children banned cartoons / animation / games grow up to nerd" is it really true? - Togetter Summary

Nikkan Gendai | "Dash Kappei" "F" hits Manga Roda's manga artist's life

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Banner / banner featured at Shimizu supporter / footage feature - Football: Nikkan Sports

Summer busy scandalist · Junji Inagawa What are you doing except summer? Respond to │NEWS Post Seven

"Buddhism" idol "Nam Nam Girls" stops activity - Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

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"Cup Noodle Light Plus Cheese Fondue" (November 9 Release) | Nissin Food Group

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