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© Shigenori Shigeno / Kodansha · 2016 New Theatrical Version "Initial D" L3 Production Committee

Published on February 6 (Sat) 2016New Theatrical Version "Initial D" Legend 3 - Mimi -In collaboration with Fujiwara Tofu shop and nationwide Tofu Federation, which is the home of the hero, a poster of original visuals will be posted in member stores from January 2016. In addition, various campaigns are scheduled to be developed, such as creating authorized stickers using drawing and visuals, or implementing the "Toyoko's Pet Car" contest.

In addition, this collaboration visual is limited on October 2 (Tofu Day) and you can see it on the official website.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the "greatest sound in the world" that made three rounds of the earth? - GIGAZINE

"Aerial imaging plate" that realizes aerial display and grasps 2-dimensional CG by focusing and forming light - GIGAZINE

40 beautiful header images that make Twitter's profile even more personal - GIGAZINE

Adidas (adidas) new headquarters building stuck to functional design excelled - GIGAZINE

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Humans began to wear clothes 70 thousand thousand years ago - Beginnings of clothing culture which became apparent from surprising places: Science: The world's technology news | Tech Times (Tech Times)

Discovered in Tutankhamun Tomb at the entrance to the hidden room NHK News

One year from iPS cell world first surgery "Good progress" NHK News

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Amazon employee "Virtually forced retirement" remedy allegation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A Tokyo executive union (Tokyo Shibuya Ward) to which a male is affiliated to the Tokyo Labor Relations Committee is held by male employees of Amazon.com (head office, Meguro-ku, Tokyo), which is a major Internet mail order company, as "male employees are virtually forced to retire" I made a motion for relief. We urge the company to faithfully respond to collective bargaining.

September 24th. According to the petition, the man was a photographer, he was employed as a permanent employee in October 2011, and was mainly in charge of photography of products. In February 15th, my boss told me that my job did not reach expectations, and he was urged to either "retire or receive a performance improvement plan (PIP)". My boss said that "PIP is a program for retirement, no choosing yourself."

Technology is not the most important at the Indonesian high-speed railway NHK News

Balls swollen with water, accidental swallowing of toddlers attention attention suddenly in the belly: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Children accidentally drinking ball-like resin products inflated with water - duodenum obstruction, removal by laparotomy surgery - (presentation information) _ National Lifestyle Center

My number for collection fee collection "Actively review" NHK Chairman: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Disturbing pictures" Doubt such as rope cutting off line tracks NHK News

German Volkswagen is too big to crash - a deep connection with political circles - Bloomberg

Searching for houses in Kumano dormitory of Kyoto University, Metropolitan Police Department - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Kyoto University Kumano Dormitory Searching for Houses Searching for Core Conflicts - Sankei WEST

Hedge pressure death accident, one hundred people still safe and unknown The fear of more than 990 death is also one photo International news: AFPBB News

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Five reasons why British cuisine went bad - History log - World history specialized blog -

[Image] Results of tutorial Tokui classifying "perfection girls who are not good at girls" genre wwww: Kinyaki

To everyone who patronized Akasaka Main Store from Mitsuhiro Kurokawa in the thirteenth | Japanese sweets of Toraya | Tauraya Corporation

Akasaka main store, and Taura confectionary residence Akasaka main store will be closed on October 7th.

Work situation of "lowest ranked staff" disposed by Osaka city

An empathy with manga portrayed with a human viewpoint that can not be fashionable "Whenever I see a fashion magazine, I always think like this" - Togetter Summary

Repayment of scholarships Study new system according to annual income NHK News

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is trying to introduce a new system in which the annual repayment amount will change according to the annual income, in order to repay the scholarship received for university admission etc, after graduation, I began to consider at an expert opinion meeting.

"Too lonely" JR Otsu station, renovate dark signboards for renovation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Good news] "My number stated in source withholding slip", unnecessary and formal decision since Heisei 28 - Not-So-News

Overturning cute Tsumtu style? Baked baked bread! - Have you enjoyed your life?

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Consideration on the flow from the secondary CTO boom to the technical advisor boom - @ kyanny's blog

Adsense | How to earn with adsense former Google staff tells

To improve visibility on Google Play "What to do" - "Google Doc Blog"

Mr. Gary said that it is better to leave the markup of the author's ship as it is. | SEO Japan

Application "Peeple" appraising people, criticized jetting photos on the Internet 1 international news: AFPBB News

After installing El capitan, CPU usage is too high and I am in trouble! For those who say. | F's Garage @ fshin 2000

Examine the character number distribution of each language on Twitter - 1400 character limit

Conclusion of public hearing between Shima-shi and Marui by Tentama (tentama_go) - Togetter Summary

Security checklist for Linux workstations | Infrastructure · Middleware | POSTD

Can not deliver more than 1600 e-books on reconstruction budget NHK News

A book that has been digitized using the country's reconstruction budget to expand the market of e-books and lead to information dissemination in the Tohoku region has not been delivered for at least 1600 volumes or more because copyright adjustment is impossible It was understood by the examination of the Audit Office.

Finally the e-book specialized media "ITmedia eBook USER" finally renewed, look back at the three years in the contribution article: Walking by a person by Ryo Takano

Google introduces spam filter with some mail-order queries :: SEM R (# SEMR)

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【Reading notice】 comic LO cover and catch copy all pasted 【Takamachi】: Kini speed

A story that it seems interesting if it can be told directly to the production company of your favorite animation. - Togetter Summary

"K" Phase 1 main digest - YouTube

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Koichi Ichiro "GYOGYOUYO" We are having a weekday cease in March next year

Recent Johnny's Jr. seems to do Python | TRIVIAL TECHNOLOGIES 4 @'s Ikumen's diary

Yamaha Shin Electric Assisted Bicycle "YPJ-R" Test-drive Group Summary - Togetter Summary

Official officials for the Olympic announcement retirement virtually resigned, Dentsu dispatched unconditionally - 47 NEWS (Yenana News)

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Soup, noodles, ingredients, everything has changed! Reborn "Famima noodles"! ~ Real ramen just by range up ~

Turn around and get snacks! "Kurutto Pokemon Snack Chocolate Flavor" New Release

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