Headline news on 21st October 2015

Dyson is a robotic vacuum cleaner "Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum CleanerFrom Friday, October 23Dyson OmotesandoFrom Monday, October 26, we will release it at 63 mass merchandising stores. There is no side brush loaded with the other robotic vacuum cleaner as it is singing "four times aspiration power of other robotic vacuum cleaner". In addition, it is possible to operate from a smartphone or tablet. The maximum driving time is about 45 minutes, but cleaning in the range that did not end within that time resumes after charging, so it is said that the area that can be cleaned is unlimited.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A guilty verdict is given to a man preserving manga including children's sex description on PC - GIGAZINE

What is the reason why we need crazy research to remodel the 1918 influenza virus which killed 40 million people - GIGAZINE

Why do large companies take away the glow of employees? - GIGAZINE

"Aurum Light" work collection that creates dress by buckling water and milk model - GIGAZINE

Why did you start eating popcorn at a movie theater? - GIGAZINE

Truck "Unimog U4000" which can break through a pool of maximum ascending hill angle of 45 degrees and water depth of 1.2 m Actual car photo review - GIGAZINE

"Folder Size MG" which you can see on a graph which giant file of unnecessary size in the hard disk - GIGAZINE

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Cervical Cancer Vaccine Is There a Science in Drug Damage Theory of Japan's "Phytotoxicity Damage" Truth (Middle Story) WEDGE Infinity (Wedge)

I am surprised that the doctor, who is a society, does not submit significant data, only the explanation of brain function and hypotheses based on it are told. This is not a meeting for experts to discuss but a symposium for the general public. Although it was held last year and this year, it is unusual for the conference to set up a session for the media.

"I think the patients are really sorry, but HANS just happened after hitting the vaccine, no matter how long it took from inoculation, it is a sickness all over all the symptoms without context Even if constipation or fever, if it happens after striking a vaccine, whatever happens will be HANS.If there is no evidence but I am told that it is due to the vaccine, I just have to be silent Yokota is not a bad person, but it is quite annoying. "A doctor with a board of directors of the Pediatric Association said,

"If it is so dangerous, I say many times to talk to the Pediatrics Association or Board of Directors, but I will definitely not come ... Even if the general public and the media are convinced, my colleagues pediatric specialists I do not have the confidence to convince you, I am saying that Mr. Yokota's doctors are also embarrassed.The massacre will write it as it is told if a person with a title is confident with confidence. "

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Wanted AV actor in the application → "Failed to perform the script as it is" It is hard to fix → Request penalty Osaka prefectural police, seven sexes arrested "About 100 cases" - Sankei WEST

She said she was signing a contract to say that "If you can not act on the script, you will pay compensation for damages", the woman acting actress made a state that sexual intercourse was not allowed for men, and that photography was interrupted .

Lost in actor at lie AV AVAILABILITY Fraud Attempt to proceed with ejaculation: Do not continue sports

Kuniko Inoguchi suddenly sent a book - "History war" and LDP's "external dissemination" / Tomomi Yamaguchi / Cultural Anthropology · Japan Studies | SYNODOS - Synodos -

Konko Inoguchi The name of a lawmaker and a package sent with enclosed letter with Representative Inoguchi enclosed. Then it is natural to think that Mr. Inogu sent it. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that Mr. Inoguchi who is not only a lawmaker but also an international political scientist really sent these books after understanding the contents of these books, whether it was just a name used I could not deny it either.

Mr. Inogu was a reason why he felt doubts that he was not a legislator known for historical revisionist remarks. You had better first check whether the sender is really Inokuchi law office. And if so, I would like to ask why I sent them. I decided to try making an international call to the Inoguchi office. It is on October 9th.

I expected that the secretary of Rep. Inokuchi would respond by phone. A secretary came out at the beginning, but when Inauguchi himself told the phone number when I told someone the requirement. After that, I spoke to Mr. Inoguchi about 15 minutes or so by phone.

As a result, I confirmed that these books were sent by Mr. Inoguchi. Mr. Inoguchi says that the team is working as a LDP as an outgoing call. The enclosed letter was not written by one member of Inokuchi, but was written by this team, it was said that it was actually presented as a team using Inoguchi's name.

Reason why China's artificial intelligence research swept away Japan at a stretch: The deep read channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/4

Not guilty Male investigation "lie document" 4 police officers not accused NHK News

The lesson of the Nanking Incident "World Memory Heritage Register": Nikkei Business Online

Chinese military, two carriers aircraft built against the US while working in the South China Sea: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Town choice election face poster photograph NG, objection to customs Hokkaido: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In Hokkaido Republic of Kowa (October 3 notice, constant 13), the current member of the House of Representatives urges candidates who are candidates for new faces to post "face photographs on election posters", "use of electoral cars until 6 PM" It turned out that it was. It is said that it is customary in the same town choice due to cost savings. Contents that limit statutory election campaigns, objections are coming from the new face camp.

Nikkei responded at the UN General Assembly "Nuclear Armament" NHK News

At the United Nations General Assembly, a committee dealing with disarmament issues, the Chinese ambassador for disarmament said, "Japan possesses a large amount of plutonium taken out of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants and there is a possibility of embarking on nuclear development" On the other hand, the two sides responded, including strong disagreement that Japan's disarmament ambassador was not intending to nuclear weapons.

Death by magnesium oxide formulation Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare instructs attention: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Profit margin 30% Key of Apple mortgage lost by Japanese companies: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Canceled due to various circumstances ..." Yamaguchi-gum annual "Halloween" discontinuation problem affected Kobe - Sankei WEST

University College, problem criticism criticism problem deletion authority "excessive regulation": Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Private car taxi" to elevate ... Prime Minister's consideration instructions: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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Summary Concluded in a New Case at Akihabara Station - Togetter Summary

HNWI's overseas assets 3.1 trillion yen or more NHK News

Naha · Terminal ruins: excavated lift of a light-duty chassis - Mainichi Shimbun

Red dragonflies, red lights in the falling fall red entry in the whole country: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I thought that it was most dangerous in Ukraine's demonstration was a priest who prayed standing between the security maintenance force and the mob and raising an icon - Togetter Summary

The 16th century church appearance from the bottom of the pond Mexico of the drought: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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PlayStation® 4 Jet Black 1 TB Sale at a suggested retail price of 39,980 yen + tax from Thursday, December 3, 2015 | PlayStation® Official Site

When Takeuchi P watches were specified, professional magazine of luxury wrist watched the perfect Takeuchi P profiling even though he did not watch Deremas - Togetter Summary

But this watch, it is 16 hours per round ......

Yes, let's program in DS: "BASIC" is not only for the man !! The 1st "Petit Com" fan meeting was hot (1/4) - ITmedia PC USER

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When I bought an overseas plastic model, I noticed the secret of Interstellar who no one speaks: supersonic memorandum

【Hanshin】 To Kakegawa two army supervisor, Takeshi reconstruction: No J baseball flash bulletin

Investigation committee of baseball gaming announces new involvement of two giants 2 players NHK News

Masashi Kasahara, trying to destroy evidence of gaming by deleting mail: Giants @ Yomiuri Giants (Giants) Summary Blog

Former prosecutor commissioner "There is no suspicious interaction with the smartphone? Remove it and restore it and do it again" Baseball

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"Starbucks Discoveries Strawberry Cake Latte" winter limited release | News Release | Suntory Food International

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