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Following the large-size toilet "Neo Jeong" with a total height of over 400 mm that appeared in February 2015, Premium Bandai is able to transform itself into a mobile Fortress form in addition to a total height of about 200 mm, "Psycho Gundam" Reservation reception started. Price is 9900 yen including tax. Although it is a candy toy, there are many movable parts, and it is possible to take various poses together with deformation. It is scheduled to ship in December 2015.

Mobile Suit Gundam ASSAULT KINGDOM Psycho Gundam 【Premium Bandai Limited Edition】 | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Mail Order Site
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Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Seven things to know about using the anonymous communication system "Tor" - GIGAZINE

Jumping Sumo "mini dragon which can be steered while watching the image of the camera with the smartphone before the release - GIGAZINE

A mechanized amusement park that can ride a huge elephant robot with a total length of 12 meters "Les Machines de Ril" looks something like this - GIGAZINE

A state where YouTube and others complete a robot with 4 m tall and 4 arms in just 24 days, moving and talking is released - GIGAZINE

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If you compare the rumored security measure with a murder sword wwwww - Togetter Summary

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Ministry of Defense to apply to military application of research expenses to university, public offering start: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A "bucket 1 cup" of water at a time with the type of fish specific NHK news

A research group such as the Chiba Prefectural Central Museum has developed a new technology that can identify the type of fish inhabiting at one time by analyzing only one bucket of water collected at sea or river, It is attracting attention as a groundbreaking technology to accelerate research on ecology in the river.

Definition of 1 kg, from prototype to "number of atoms" | National Geographic Japan version site

ISAS | Name of the asteroid (1999 JU 3) aiming for "Hayabusa 2" About the recruitment / topics

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Electric fence Increase voltage by transformer accident transformer NHK News

Toshiba's president Hisao Tanaka who challenged the press conference, in fact he is not planning to say anything: show marketing contests: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

What kind of company is Toshiba? I tried to compare the noisema by the four heavenly kings - Yuzurimu

Olympus is more vicious Toshiba huge dressing "Total 1562 billion" can not be trusted at all. | Tomoyuki Isoyama "Behind the economic news" | Modern business [Kodansha]

Toshiba: raising 1 trillion yen in the capital market, increasing the top management involvement in the accounting - Bloomberg

Mainichi Shimbun Public opinion survey: a sharp fall in the cabinet support rate, a change in political sentiment Clearly positive layer shifts "anti-Abe" - Mainichi Newspaper

【Japan's argument】 stigma of "child pornography heaven" Returned or revised Child pornography prohibition law "possession" also prohibited Where do the delineation? (1/4 page) - Sankei News

Early Childhood Education Free of Children High Number of Children etc. Preferred NHK News

New gas field government in the East China Sea of ​​China released a photo NHK News

"Drainage" leaving the pool water supply Approximately 116 million yen wasteful NHK News

Tokyo metropolitan high school opened the drain valve while water was being pooled, so it was found that the water charge was leaked for about 1.16 million yen, the Tokyo metropolitan records the amount of water in the pool every day We decided to distribute manuals that stipulate such things as all the municipal schools and thoroughly prevent recurrence.

Security consensus bill Upper House special committee Participates in participation NHK News

Empty package dropped from US military helicopter to middle school or Shizuoka NHK news

Re-arrested former lawyer to dress dementia women gold NHK News

Column: Story of "Toshiba Shock" Strengthening as a Japanese Company | Reuters

Japanese intellectual property is dangerous! "Emergency statement on TPP copyright provision" that anyone can sign> Kensyo Fukui Attorney - Togetter Summary

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Osaka Monorail 9 km extension plan, To Hosei Osaka City Agreement: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Office" VS "Remote" Learning from cutting-edge enterprises in the world Future working way 8 points of view | Project to change the future by DODA

I made an ideal change for myself who is mother | Ikiden Momboku

Tokyo underground labyrinth - another landscape that protruded from something

Specific examples of academic harassment | Nihon University

"Do not touch the teacher" Sexual harassment to the students and others serious: Asahi Shimbun Digital

However, I could not put up with this day. The teacher came approaching the desk of the woman, putting her hand in the uniform blouse and touching her back. When the woman protested, the teacher said: "If you let me go out, you will be over"

From the next day, I can not go to school. I could not sleep, I had diarrhea without appetite. Sometimes vomiting (stoop) did not stop. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was diagnosed.

The teacher retired, but the way of teaching was good and popular, there were also classmates who blame women. "I was forced to think why I could be blamed," she says. After graduation I wandered 1 and I went to a distant university where no acquaintance existed.

Even after appealing to the court with backing of my parents, the pain continued. The teacher accused the woman as a rebellious personality, arguing that it was "skin ship", "it was an expressive expression." I did not admit touching anything other than my head. The court settled on the premise that there was physical contact that gives offense and settled with hundreds of thousands of yen payment.

Kamakura fireworks festival on 23rd, stop ship at high waves stops: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kikkoman, Source Price Increase from 5 to 11% from October: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Apple disease for the third trend in the past ten years NHK News

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Drone flying while firing a video with a rice posting NHK News

This video was posted on the Internet on 10th of this month, and the 14-second video shows how the small drones with guns fired 4 fires while flying.

Hatena bookmark 10th anniversary "This is amazing" Number of tags ranking - Hatena news

Cookpad's kitchen conveys air - Cookpad Staff blog

Information leakage of model Tamiya up to 100,000 people NHK News

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Is the depiction of the animation "GATE" "Correct"? - Togetter Summary

【1st Half Summary】 Interview with Gunho Morishita President "Game is repeated destruction and creation, games of new format are required" Overseas version "Pazda" has enough room for growth | Social Game Info

【Interview】 Sega 3D Reprint Project "3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2" Interview - GAME Watch

"Ultraman Nexus" which the popular manga artist Takashi Shiina loved also! Overcoming the inconvenient era, now is the time to restore! It is! | Da Vinci News

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| - rabbit tiger yarn - star - carp ---- dragon: daily Yakiniku bulletin

47: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2015/07/21 (Tue) 22: 15: 14 ID: OVr
Seleague all-team team No savings (ninth second consecutive day)
League Alliance team debt life (second time in 18 days)

New National Stadium Possibility not to return over 5.9 billion yen NHK News

In addition, although JSC contracts against penalties against female architects, no penalty will be incurred but from now the architects may be asked for damages against losing the achievement of designing the Olympic stadium I am doing.

Mr. Zaha, I want to get involved with the new nation ... negotiating offer to the government - society: daily sports

The struggle of the construction of the new National Stadium considered from the common sense of the United States: Nikkei Business Online

【Tour de France 15】 Flume's running power data release ... for dispelling allegations of doping | CYCLE cycle soft sports news cyclestyle.net/

A live-action version "Advance giant" that exceeds expectations in every sense - a long diary of shi 3 z

Tomohiro Machiyama Talks about live-action version movie "Advance giant"

Official comedian of TV comedy "Furi Ochi Follow" died: a diary of the debt

National stadium issue MORI President "Very annoying" NHK News

Among them, as to the fact that the development plan of the new National Stadium will be reconsidered, "I am very troubled. The new National Stadium is not organized by the Organizing Committee, but the Organizing Committee I did not say that you should do me. "

Terminator NHK News for the first time in 12 years more "human"

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