Eleven services Amazon was quietly quitting


Amazon has succeeded in creating popular services such as "AWS" besides delivery services, and in addition, "Community-based service"Babysitter dispatch service"Mobile payment serviceWe are also focusing on developing new services such as " Among the services that Amazon has offered so far, The Verge is summarizing 11 services that have not been announced unnoticed without notifying it extensively.

11 things Amazon shut down without you noticing | The Verge

◆ 01: Amazon Destinations

"Amazon Destinations" began as a service that allows you to plan and book small excursions in some parts of America from April 2015, but quietly quitting service in October six months later.

◆ 02: Music Importer

"Music Importer" is a service that scans local music folders and enables playback in the cloud. Although it had been providing services since 2012, it began to emphasize Prime Music from 2015 and ends with similar music services becoming unnecessary.

◆ 03: Test Drive

The Verge says "The idea that attracts you now" about the service that you can run the demonstration free of charge before purchasing an application with an emulator that can run the Android game application with a browser. "Test Drive" was offered in the Amazon App Store from 2011, but since there were cases that many applications were not compatible, there were cases in which they did not work even though they corresponded, so in about 4 years Provisioning is over.

◆ 04: Unbox

"Unbox", which was released as Amazon's video software in 2006, was able to download movies, TV programs, etc. from Amazon to PC and was offered as a service that can also play offline, but already announced the end of service . It seems that it was the biggest reason to start unlimited video streaming service for Prime members.

◆ 05: Amazon Wallet

"Amazon Wallet" appeared in the middle of 2014 is an application for Android / Fire Phone that can use Amazon points and gift certificates. It seemed that credit cards could be used in the future, but the application itself seems not to be used much.

◆ 06: Amazon WebPay

Although Amazon WebPay, a service that can remit money to friends and family on the web, was offered around 2009,VenmoBecause users are gathered in the remittance service such as, so no one has finished because they never used this service.

◆ 07: Askville

"Askville" is a bulletin board gathering rustic questions like "Whose design is that album's jacket?" Although it does not get rid of the habit of a horse you keep, 2006 ~ 2013 Service provision ended. However, stillYou can read past questions onlineIt has become like.

◆ 08: Endless.com

It was established as a fashion site to sell shoes / accessories for women from 2007, but as Amazon began to focus on selling high-end clothing, at the same time Endless's website was closed in 2012.

◆ 09: Special Occasion Reminders

In 2012, Amazon has deleted the function "Special Occasion Reminders" that prompts gifts for friends and family by reminding the set date by e-mail. On the other hand, "almost the same function"Friends & Family Gifting"Is provided.

◆ 10: WikiLeaks' servers

The information disclosure site "Wikileaks" originally kept confidential information on Amazon's host server. In 2010Chelsea ManningMr. Wikileaks released a confidential document of the US military leaked by Mr. Wikileaks "It is against the terms of the server usage agreement", Wakileaks exiled Wikileaks from the server.

◆ 11: Alexa Site Thumbnail

Amazon's subsidiary "Alexa" has been offering a service to collect thumbnails of web pages and sell them for 0.0002 dollars (about 0.024 yen) per page since 2006. According to The Verge, when a website or search engine displays information on many external sites at once, an Amazon serverOff-roadIt was thought that it was able to be done, and it was a regrettable idea to get rid of it.

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