Clearly young people using SNS more than 2 hours each day have a high proportion of having psychological suffering and suicidal ideation

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SNS such as Twitter and Facebook is transformed into a communication tool that is indispensable for many people. Among such SNSs, we investigated the relationship between web based platforms like Twitter and Facebook and mental health of teenagers "Frequent Use of Social Networking Sites Is Associated with Poor Psychological Functioning Among Children and Adolescents"As a result of this survey, young people in their teens who use SNS more than 2 hours every day are suffering psychologicalSuicidal thoughtIt is clear that there is a high proportion of people holding.

Frequent Use of Social Networking Sites Is Associated with Poor Psychological Functioning Among Children and Adolescents

From various orthodox things such as Twitter and Facebook, to main photographs and videos such as Instagram and Vine, various SNS is blending into life as a communication tool of many people all over the world.Dentsu Inc.According to the survey, the major SNS registration rates of Japanese young people from the 10th to the 20th are as follows, the LINE registration rate of high school students is over 90%, the registration rate of Twitter is very high as 80% is.

The Environmental Sanitation Center in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, opened a report exploring the relationship between SNS and teenage young mental health, which is closely tied to the lives of such many people. The survey was targeted at 753 junior and senior high school students in Ottawa. The number of surveyed subjects was 753 (male-female ratio was 45: 55 and girls were slightly larger), the median age of the surveyed subjects was 14.1 I was old.

In the survey, questions such as the habit of using students to SNS, mental health / mental satisfaction, mental health support required, etc. were asked. According to this survey, 25.2% of the students said that they use SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. for more than 2 hours per day. In addition, 54.3% of the respondents said that they use SNS less than 2 hours per day, and the remaining 20.5% say that they do not use SNS or use SNS at all.

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The use frequency of SNS seems to tend to increase as age goes up, and especially when grade 12 (third grade of high school in Japan) becomes 90% or more of the whole use daily SNS is used I am replying.

This survey also reveals that "students who are mentally unhealthy" were seen in students who use SNS more than 2 hours each day. This "mentally unhealthy person" is a student who feels that he is experiencing psychological distress with signs of anxiety or depression, suicidal thought or spiritual satisfaction It seems to point to them. However, this study does not specifically consider the causal relationship between SNS usage time and mental status.

"I can think that teenagers who have problems with mental health are seeking dialogue from a sense of loneliness," Dr. Hugues Sampasa-Kanyinga, the first author of the paper,HuffPost ScienceI'm commenting on that. However, he says, "The relationship between SNS and mental health is very complicated and I can not simply explain that" Because of using SNS, problems arise in mental health. "

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