I tried to eat and compare how it differs from the normal version "Columno Garlic Nashinashi hot chili taste" which reduced garlic without odor after eating

Potato chips of Lake Ikebaya "Columno"Is a popular snack that goes beyond the 30 th anniversary of release, but in response to the voice that" garlic's smell is worrisome after dinner ", garlic was pulled out"Columno Garlic Nakashinashi hot chili flavor"Has appeared on Monday, October 12th. Even though we garliced ​​it, I thought that the taste of spinach and spicy can be felt firmly and I actually tried it.

Columno potatoes are hot and why is delicious! | Lake Ikebayashi Co., Ltd.

Even though we disagree with the "NO GARLIC, NO KARAMUCHO" faction, "Columnocho" is established "Columno Garlic nakhinashi hot chili taste"

Columno Garlic Nakashinashi Hot chili taste is a package based on deep orange which seems to be very spicy.

At the top of the bag Illustrations that appeal that you do not use garlic are drawn largely.

Because it is non - garlic, it is finished in a snack that you can eat anywhere anytime without worrying about odor.

However, because the characteristic of columno, "hot and tasty" is lost only by extracting garlic from normal columno, blending dozens of materials to purify the taste, and finally "tomato" and "cheese It seems that we arrived at the combination of.

Looking at the raw materials, you can see that garlic powder in normal columno is missing and cheese powder and tomato are included instead.

The calorie is 299 kcal per 53 g of bag. Normal columno is 330 kcal per bag, so garlic nakashinashi is a little calorie discreetly a little.

As soon as opening the bag, spicy fragrance peculiar to the columno will come in.

For comparison with normal columno, I tried out both on the plate. Although it looks almost the same, a sweet smell of tomato is slightly felt from a columno in garlic nuisance.

When eating garlic cucumber columno, it is perfection that it seems that it seems that it is a normal columno if it eats without saying anything as it is, with the column spicy feeling intact. However, if you taste it well, you can see that tomato sweetness and cheese rich are certainly added.

After eating garlic-free eating, when eating normal columno, the garlic flavor with a punchy appetite spreading spreading in the mouth, "I am surprised that the garlic flavor of the columno is so strong ......" I felt the difference. However, when I eat garlic chili pepper columno after having eaten from the regular version of column sauce containing garlic, I feel almost no difference because the taste base is the same as well as the state that the mouth is full of garlic smell did. When eating a lot of columno, mix the regular version and the garlic nakashinashi version to reduce the odor ... maybe.

In addition, "Columno Garlic Nashinashi hot chili taste" is sold at supermarkets and convenience stores around 120 yen including tax.

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