Screening & talk event of theatrical animation "Dead Empire" depicting the world popularized with dead human resuscitation

Sci-fi author, Ito Tomoe fought at the age of 34 at the beginning of the two original novels "Slaughtered Organs" and "Harmony" and only the beginning 30 of the "Dead Empire" were released. A project to make three works involved in Ito's animation into a theatrical anime "Project Itoh"As its first step, theater animation"Empire of the dead"Has been released nationwide from October 2, 2015 (Friday). Screening & talk event of "Empire of the Dead"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15It took place in.

Empire of the dead

The event took place at Theater 1 of the Euphor Table Cinema.

Two people who appeared in the talk show, WIT STUDIO's Okada producer (left) and Makihara Ryotaro (right). Director Makihara said that he was "relieved" anyway after the release began and revealed that it took a long time for the "empire of the deceased" for the past two years since he got a story about the movie.

Okada producer was supposed to be the first participant of Machi ★ Asobi, but he seems to be surprised at its unique air feeling. And in the city WIT STUDIO is engaged in animation production "Seraph of the EndIt seems he discovered the cosplay of "I heard that they took a picture together.

From here it is a hard story of "Empire of the Dead". Okada producer said that this "empire of the dead" was the first 2 hours theater animation production, it was much more cut than the normal TV animation, it was hard to cut all over with each animator pattern. In addition, it seems that there were many staff who stick to make the work good for the production staff of "empire of the deceased", the control was serious and the end was serious anyway and revealed that it was busy to adjust anyway.

Director Makihara commented that none of the three elements "budget", "production period" and "human resources" necessary for animation production were missing, or even how much it was not enough. In concrete terms, it seems that there was no staff to spare there, even if I drawn a storyboard. It seems that the last scene has been found to be tough from the beginning, but there is no animator that should be secured for that scene. Makihara said that he wanted to put more dead person if it could do.

Originally the original is a thick novel and it seems that it does not fit in the framework of 2 hours even though I think about it, but Mr. Makihara seems to initially wrote the original script as it is. As a result, it seems that it turned out to be a work of 3 or 4 hours. So I picked up the two points "Watson and Friday's relationship" and "Concept of turning around the world" that could be the core of the story among the original. And it was said that they made the script based on these two pillars.

Initially, it seems that a limit of 3 or 4 months was set up in screenplay production, but it finally finished by spending more than 1 year eventually, calling out three scripts and finally filling up the contents gradually I heard he did. By the way, there seems to be some people who have not read the original, so if you explain, movies and original works that Watson and Friday are very different in how they relate.

"Okada like a producer, what kind of director is it?", "Nebuta" and Okada producer responded. I also call Makihara director, who is a sticky person, such as drawing a storyboard, etc. Anyway, it is a stoic person in the work.

Makihara really seems to have been doing only the "empire of the dead" for only two years, and although the work as a production ended with the initial screening in September, he continues to watch the dream being produced yet, "If I do not make it It seems that there was also a case where it happened by being named as "!

Director Makihara is the director of "Hull" which is the first WIT STUDIO theater work two years ago. It was Mr. Yoshimasa Hosoya who played Hero of the main character with "Hull", who is also responsible for the voice of Watson who is the main character of "Empire of the Dead". About Mr. Hosoya Makihara was originally good at acting, but he said that he was very good at expressing trembling emotions such as "stray".

From here the question corner from the audience. The first question is about art and layout, "There is a moment when it is a gentle touch overall but there are occasionally confusing cuts and a sense of incompatibility" Oh! "This is what I wanted to express Was it the question?

This intention is "directing sharpness", it is just a "place you want to show", it is a moment of switching, like resetting your mood here once after a sad story is.

As for the question "In Japan only the deceased person felt less deeply" in the work, Japan seems to be setting with fewer bad guys, just as originally in the Meiji era. However, there is nothing to explain about it, if you can feel it on the audience side, Makihara is the director. In the first place, it seems that the work "Empire of the Dead" is quoted often, so there are also a lot of information available from other than the main part, so it seems interesting to investigate variously.

On the official page, the originalComment from the circle towerAnd manga which understands the world view of the work drawn by Makihara are posted, so when you read it, the image is boiled down for those who have not seen it yet, and those who have already watched works Maybe your understanding to deeper.

"Project Itoh"

Director Makihara focused on two points, "Mr. Itoh's word" and "What does Yenroku inherit from Ito Mamori" when he kept the original work He seems to have worked on screenplay. Although the original castle of the castle crafted "empire of the dead" quoting various texts of the past, the impression that "the word of Ito Mr. Ito" was burned in the quoted texts It seems he received it. Even if Yuuki's original was made into a picture as it is, it can not be done by expressing "words of Ito Mamori's san", so after reaching the thought of what to do it was the "relationship between Friday and Watson in the movie" arriving. In such expressions the aim of the theater version production team aimed to leave things that "Ito Mamoru existed, exists" and "The word of Ito Mr. Ito". And it is said that people who actually saw the movie are very happy if they keep the existence of Mr. Ito Mr. Ito in my heart like the original.

The latest PV of "Empire of the Dead" can be seen from the following.

"Empire of the Dead" WEB Limited Final PV - YouTube

In addition, WIT STUDIO also held original painting exhibitions of "Empire of the Dead" and "Seraph of the End".

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