The future type Pepsi of "back to the future" appears in reality, the real thing is like this

On October 21, 2015 the movie "Back to the future PART 2"Doku and Marty hit the" future "time traveling, but that day will come in reality in less than a month. LexusHover boardNIKE will also be completed in 2015Automatic shoelaces tighten sneakersAs the world of back to the future will be realized one after another, "Futuristic Pepsi" that appeared in Pepsi Cola will also be on sale.

The image movie of the future type Pepsi "Pepsi Perfect" is from the following.

The Future is Now | Back to the Future Part II | Pepsi Perfect - YouTube

One sports car that stops in town.

There are two men and women wearing a hairstyle and a costume in a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere.

The figure of the blue robot in the rear seat.

The door on the front of the robot opens with Vienna ......

A pepsi bottle with a distinctive shape came out from the inside out strangely.

A bottle handed to a woman.

Behind the lady drinking Pepsi Cola ...

The robot also supplies energy with Pepsi Cola.

Furthermore, the hover board that came from the back of the car.

The appearance of Mohawk women who took the future type Pepsi from the robot and got through the car beside the car with a hover board became a unique image in which the 80s and the near future feel were fused.

The scene where Pepsi actually appeared in the back to the future PART 2 can be confirmed from the following.

Back To The Future pepsi - YouTube

Marty visited the restaurant.

When placing an order for a machine on behalf of a store clerk ... ...

Something appears in the transparent cylinder from inside the table.

This is the future type Pepsi.

Remove it from the transparent tube.

Manga convention convention held in the United States in October 2015 "New York · Comic"In fact, it is said that" Pepsi Perfect "was able to be acquired, and the appearance that people dressed as Marty McFly got Pepsi Perfect is published on Twitter.

Pepsi Perfect The real thing looks like this. It is in the same transparent cylinder as the movie.

In order to get Pepsi Perfect, a long queue was made.

Delorian also appeared at the venue.

In addition, PepsiPerfect will be available for purchase online from October 21, 2015 when Marty and Dok visited the future in the movie.


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