NIKE commercializes sneakers that appeared in "Back to the Future" linking strings automatically in 2015

It prevailed in the 1990'sAir MaxHigh-tech sneakers such as,Sneakers that can make phone callsYaSneakers with MP3 player built inAlthough sneakers that make the feeling of the future such as design and functional aspects have appeared one after another, the movie that can also be said as the high-tech sneaker's definitive version "Back to the FutureAppeared inPower raceIt was revealed that NIKE is planning to release sneakers on sale in 2015.

Nike designer says self-lacing 'Back to the Future' shoes will arrive in 2015 | The Verge

Nike Designer Says Marty McFly's Power Laces Are Coming Next Year

In the back to the future related sneakers "Nike Mag" Back To The Future "was also exhibited on eBay in 2011 with a limit of 1,500 pairs, and sales of about 60 billion yen in auction are raised . The proceeds will play Marty McFly, the main character of back to the futureMichael J. FoxEstablished "Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Disease Research FoundationIt is donated to. At that time in Japan there was only a pair of limited itemsA successful bid at 2.2 million yenThere was a fiercer who did,180 thousand yenThere were suppliers who reselled for something.

This was released in 2011 Nike Mag "Back To The Future"

This model, unusually as a sneaker, has been sold as a set of power adapters, it was made special by NIKE's logo and a part of the body shining at the maximum for 5 hours with the built-in battery and LED panel in the main body Unfortunately, the power race function that automatically winds strings like a movie was not installed. Taking a shoe designerTinker HatfieldMr. announced at the event "We will release a model fitted with a power race in 2015". Already NIKE in 2009Acquire patents for automatic string connecting functionIt seems that technical problems have been cleared even from doing.

This sneaker,Back to the future PART 2It is the same model that Marty McFly who actually took a time travel in 2015 with one scene of 2015 is the same model actually wearing and the future drawn in 1989 as a movie becomes a reality after 26 years time It has become a story of. At the moment prices and sales methods are undecided.

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Automatic shoelace tightening sneakers for "Back to the Future" to truly complete and release NIKE in 2015 - GIGAZINE

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