Garlic sauce served thick-cut pork meets eating response Legendary sushi rice baron "Amazing! Thickly-cut pig's specialties" "Korean style bowls purkogi-gin" Tasting review

Provide "Volknot Bowl" with a full volume that puts pork loose meat with secret garlic soy sauce sagin on rich mealLegendary soup bowls, The thickness of the meat is three times that of the rice bowl, the amount of the meat is 1.5 times, the popular menu which was once sold at the Shinagawa store only "Extravagant! The specialty of thick-cut pigs", Arranged in a bamboo shop with a famous bulgogi as a Korean cuisine"Korean style bowl purlukogi don"Has appeared. Even now even a volume full of rice bowl further increased volume, a terrible new menu is about to be eaten nationwide for a limited time, so I actually went to the store to experience.

【Limited Time】 10 · November "Ridiculous! Selling thick cut pork special " | Legendary noodle bowl shop / shop of specialty bowl 【Official site】

【Limited time offer】 Sold in October "Korean style bowls purpogi don" sold! | Legendary noodle bowl shop / shop of specialty bowl 【Official site】

Arrived in the legendary yata noodle shop.

In the place where you enter the shop, food sample of a rice bowl with a ticket machine is placed.

A terrible amount of "Suta-no-Oro bonfire additionally double"

In order to taste the limited-time menu this time, I purchased a meal of 880 yen (tax included) aside for "Korean-style Pork Skyline" in the same amount as 880 yen (tax included) .

First of all we will eat from "Damn it! Thick-cut pig specials". The raw egg and miso soup are set free of charge.

Regular rice bowls are sliced ​​with sliced ​​meat like shabu-shabu with garlic and soy sauce, but pork sliced ​​3 times thick into "rich! Thick sliced ​​sweet potato" I was disappointed. When eating, the taste is that the usual garlic soy sauce is working and you can feel the eating response that "I am eating Gatsuri meat!"

Just break the raw egg ... ...

I threw it in a bowl.

If you put a raw egg on a special dough of thick-cut pigs "which involves garlic soy sauce, which is accompanied by rice, it makes me feel like a stamina will be attached just by eating.

Break down raw egg with chopsticks ......

I grab it thickly and cut into meat and scallion it. The mellowness of raw eggs is added and the rice goes smoothly.

Compared to usual sliced ​​rice bowls using sliced ​​meat such as beef bowl, special dish using thick-cut meat with presence, firmly grab meat and grab meat Rice bowl preeminent response It was.

"South Korean style bowl pur purkogi don" arrived, so I will continue to eat.

As a set, miso soup and hot spring egg were attached instead of raw egg.

The sweet smell adds appetite The burgundy beef is scattered with grilled nagoya.

Half of the bowl is colored with vegetables such as kimchi, bean sprouts and lettuce, and burgundy is gathered in one bowl.

When you eat beef, it is a strong spicy spice with sweetness, but sweating will come out when you eat. The flavor of the glue is heard, a full-fledged finish more than imagined.

I tried putting a young egg on it. It is boiled and divided into hardness and places where I wanted you to let me down a little more yellow if possible.

However, it is impossible for semi-rich yolks to match sweet sprinkle, so that hands to advance rice will not stop.

It looks like sprouts are quickly boiled and not seasoned, but it is perfect for dark seasoned bulgogi chopstick break. It seems to be good to eat it by wrapping bean sprouts / kimchi / birukogi with lettuce.

In addition, since "Limited! Thick-cut pig's special" and "Korean style bowl pur purkogon" are both limited-time sales until November 30 (Monday), please try the person you care about as soon as possible .

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