Planning specification that Twitter can break through 140 character limit and can be long tweet


TwitterDiscontinued 140 character limit of direct mail functionI do not care about the number of charactersTrial introduction of new functionsAlthough users are doing efforts to use Twitter without worrying about the limit of the number of characters, such as doing, etc., it is reported that at the end the 140-character limitation of the tweet itself is eliminated and a long text can be tweeted.

Twitter Plans to Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit | Re / code

"Twitter's development team is progressing a plan to eliminate the conventional 140-character limit and make it possible to tweet longer sentences," several Twitter officials testify. Tweet's character limitation is known as one of Twitter's biggest features, but it has been said from users that many users have said that "characters should not be limited" before.

The number of characters restriction has been discussed for several years within Twitter, and the discussion re-emerged when Jack Dorsey became new CEO this time. Also, it seems that the management team is also discussing whether to include the user name or URL of the link destination in the number of posted characters. "Users are very interested in what Twitter is like and how Twitter will develop in the future," says one of the senior executives.


"TwitLonger" as a service that can post tweets of 140 characters or more and "OneShotHowever, it is a service to convert sentences into images and links, and it does not actually post text of more than 140 characters on Twitter.

"TwitLonger" which can overcome more than 140 characters on Twitter with one tweet - GIGAZINE

Re / code commented that "By tweeting long sentences, Twitter will have more opportunities to share long stories such as blog content," while commenting, "Twitter features 140 character limit Thanks to that, we are gathering a large number of users, even if the long sentence posting function is implemented, there is a possibility that the forces of Facebook and LinkedIn are large, which will not lead to the acquisition of new users. "

In addition, although Twitter is commenting on this subject, as a background of plans to allow over tweets of 140 characters, Facebook is "Instant Articles"Implements a new feature that allows advertising revenue to be pushed directly into articles by timely media, possibly trying to introduce the same mechanism that keeps users out of their service as much as possible There is also.

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