Explain the effective video editing style of Hollywood style used by "Islamic country"

Muslim militant group "Islamic country(Islamic state:IS) "Is said to have expanded support by propagating propaganda images created using high editing technology on YouTube and others. Some of the images have a glimpse of advanced editing that makes Hollywood movie daunting, but a detailed explanation about its shooting / editing method is released.

GUEST POST: ISIS and the Hollywood Visual Style | JIHADOLOGY

Despite the contents of the video created by IS, even though the content has been written, production is carried out that properly suppresses important points of "industry standard" in video production. Since expressive know-how is indispensable to represent and convey the idea of ​​an organization using images, it is pointed out that human beings who received specialized education in the production process are involved.

◆ 1: Clear picture making and logo flowing at the beginning
In order to produce beautiful images, it is necessary for humans to understand the scientific mechanisms of "seeing" and to introduce effective methods. For example, you can see that watermelon is reproduced very vividly in some of the following images. This is because the number of used colors is narrowed down by adjusting the color range of the image after shooting so that each color clearly emerges and becomes a picture with a strong sense of contrast. Although it is finished to a state which is emphasized more than the appearance of reality, it is a method that is often used to make a vivid image in appearance.

In addition, professional know-how is being introduced to the technique at the time of shooting. In the following images, a technique is adopted in which the main person is made to emerge effectively by blurring the background by adjusting the diaphragm. Although it is using so-called "feeling of blur" effectively, this can also be said to be a difficult technique for amateur with little experience.

Furthermore, when the image is spread on the net, the image is compressed in the diffusion route and the image quality often deteriorates. IS considers this point from the stage of production, and it is thought that the know-how for maintaining a high sense of clearness is used even if compression is continuous.

Meanwhile, under the al-Qaeda suborganization, anti-government armed groupsAl-Nusla FrontThe appearance is quite different as it is the image produced by JN. The following movie is based on JN's hand, but the blur is terrible, it can hardly be read to the contents of the signboard appearing along the way.

Nonetheless, JN seems to be progressing with the introduction of high image production technology, and the logo displayed at the beginning of the image is produced in 3DCG.

This trend is spreading to other organizations. "Al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula"(AQAP) images also use the CG logo at the beginning, you can see the presence of specialized staff.

◆ 2: Image composition
It is a glimpse that you can see careful attention to the detail when you are watching the images of IS. If you look at the image by the IS below, it seems to be slightly overproduced, but you can see that the image is made with a composition that is entirely kitcheny.

On the other hand, this is the picture by JN. It is felt that the image is blurred, zooming in and zooming out is used extensively, and somehow an amateurish composition is realized.

This difference is born depending on how clear vision is at the planning stage of the image. Knowledge and experience are indispensable for bringing the whole together well, so you can see that there is also a person with expert knowhow involved in IS.

◆ 3: Camera angle
The know-how of IS is also used to set the angle of the camera. Although it is characterized also that there are many pictures taken from the first person viewpoint like the following picture, the angle and the focus are set so that the target material is transmitted properly rather than photographing properly You can see that there is.

In the case of JN, there is something like "amateur odor" still somewhere. Like the IS, it is an image shot in the first person viewpoint, but what I would like to tell even if I look at the whole thing is the content that does not come with pins and it is not said that it is very masculine as an image aimed at organ propaganda I can not get it.

In the following images, the IS shoots a person's speech using multiple cameras, but it receives the overall impression of the layout such as the background of the person, the feeling of "blur", the switching timing of the camera .

When JN makes the same contents it becomes like this. I feel strongly the feeling of "properly edited" such as camera switching which somehow elongated content and ingenuity can not be felt.

◆ 4: Lighting (lighting)
By doing well writing it becomes possible to effectively convey what kind of person the person appearing is. Although this image is an image cut out by IS, it can be said that it expresses the seriousness of a person who speaks eloquently by appointing IS by using light and shadow well.

JN's images are not so attentive to lighting, so you can see that it is becoming a "dull" image somewhere.

◆ 5: Pre / Pro / Pro (editing work)
The following images are produced by IS, but you can see that there are different atmospheres from the images we have shown up to now, such as blurring being conspicuous and angles being tilted. However, these are not photographs taken by a bad photographer nor are they due to the production aimed to bring out the tense atmosphere of the battlefield. It is pointed out that it is an example that it is understood that it is not necessarily "good image = beautiful image" because there is a drawing making suitable for that situation to convey the state of the battlefield. If you look carefully, it seems that subtle modifications are added to how to shoot images.

◆ 6: Effect
Sometimes you apply effects to the image and add special effects. In the following movies, effects like the IS flag are emerging in the part painted by spray.

The conclusion
People who have seen these "refined" images feel like something of a kind of confidence in the organization, so the IS raises the quality of the images using a number of editing techniques, I am trying to raise the centripetal force to the. Although it is a method which can also take "gang of the way" together, if you look at the actual situation of IS which expanded the power a lot, it will be possible to catch a glimpse of the magnitude of the image's influence.

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