How do you reproduce the real sound hitting people in the movie "Fight Club"?

A movie released in 1999Fight Club"Is known for its critics who received the evaluation that" content is too violent "from its extreme content. Rigorous evaluation that has received, but after publication is the recovery of production costs was less difficult the more box office revenue, from such as pictures of the screenplay and the reality show the surprising, such as expansion, as one of the landmark films after It was decided to be reevaluated. Daniel Nettsueru's YouTuber is, as the secret of this reality lies in the sound effects, or were made to how the "sound when hitting the people" in the work, it is YouTube Dewakariyasuku commentary.

Fight Club | The Beauty of Sound Design - YouTube

"A movie is a complex of" visual "and" sound ""

"Director of the filmDavid FincherMr. always likes to challenge the limit with the visual part of the movie, and for movie worksCGIHe was also one of the directors who strongly insisted on the use of "

"In the past work by Director Fincher, that trend will be clearly visible in the" Fight Club "in 1999"

"As the director of Fincher sticks to, the person who saw the movie should know that the image stands out, but I think that few people feel that the sound aspect is also very good, because excellent acoustics The effect is integrated with visuals without discomfort. "

"In many movies, including fight clubs, we do not record ambient environmental sounds at the time of shooting, and adding environmental sounds later by human hands has become the mainstream of movie production."

"For this reason, if you shoot the nightclub scenes like the following, you should have ambient sounds such as people's voices and club music, but ...."

"There is little that environmental sounds are heard at the time of shooting, that is, the recorded sound is only in the conversation of the characters, and after that it adds ambient sound and finishes it as an uncomfortable image is"

Mr. Len Kreis, who was in charge of the sound of the fight club, said about the work of the sound designer, "When filming staff takes pictures, it is important to take pictures with the same environments and viewpoints as" spectators are actually seeing " In the same way, sound design focuses on making exactly the same thing as "the audience actually hears". "

Mr. Netzell says, "In the fight club at fight clubs," beating people "greatly improves the reality of images."

"But in the battle scenes of most other movies, realism is missing.For example,Die HardIn the scene where John McLane of the protagonist John McLane and the leader of the robber group beat up with each other, the sound when you beat the opponent is a shrill and dry sound, and you should feel a sense of incompatibility somewhere. "

"It is unknown what was used to reproduce this sound, but in reality many movie battle scenes lack realism, but not all movies need to pursue" realness " We should not lower the evaluation of the movie itself, but there is no doubt that there is certain value in the acoustic effects of the battle scene of the fight club. "

"In the beginning of the launch of the fight club, in the United States, critics accused us of being" too violent ", and as the difficulty of collecting production costs, the box office income declined, the situation occurred. of20th Century FoxAlthough we decided to dismiss a number of executives in this case, it is thought that a good acoustic effect was also partly due to the fact that the fight club was criticized as "violent". "

In relation to making this realistic sound, Mr. Kreis says "We initially thought about diverting" punch noise "from past library of acoustic effects."

"But since the past punch sounds were wrapped in a bunch of celery and used crisp sound ..."

"There was a problem that it became a dry sound, lacking in realism."

"So we decided to try the way to knock on chicken"

"After that, as a result of repeated trial and error, the sound of hitting walnuts in chicken ... ...."

"By synthesizing it with the sound of traditional punch, we were able to produce punch sound with reality."

Mr. Netzell says "Fight club is a highly immersive movie due to Mr. Clyce of sound designer and Mr. Richard Hims."

"However, sound designers in charge of sound effects andFoley artistIt is also considered to be the job that is most underestimated in the movie. "

"Because the higher the perfection of their work is, the less audiences will notice the splendor of the sound effect."

"And the acoustic technology is not only the sound of a punch with reality ... ...."

"We are also creating sounds that are not in reality,Star WarsThe sound of a lightsaber appearing in the projector is only a combination of the sound of a motor of a projector and the sound of a cathode ray tube. However, the audience is not feeling anything uncomfortable with this sound, and letting the lie's sound be real, it can be said that it is the true point of sound design. "

Lastly, Mr. Netzell says, "Depending on the design of the sound design, we may change the work to a good one or change it to a bad one, but the fight club is finished in a very wonderful work by the power of Mr. Kreis and Mr. Hims I can conclude that it is being done. "I finished the movie.

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