Chanel announces haute couture using materials output with 3D printer

Chanel isHaute Couture CollectionI have published a new work every six months, but in the autumn couture collection of autumn 2015, jackets and skirts made using 3D printers are appearing.

26 Exclusive Photos of Chanel's New 3-D Printed Couture Collection - Racked

The Chanel Haute Couture Collection in the fall of 2015 includes a classic tweed jacket of the 1920's style and a quilted groundChanel 2.55Many clothes and decorations such as handbags, black dresses of modern design appeared, but about ten of the new collections are being produced using 3D printers as much as possible.

For example, the tweed jacket on the right side of the photo is sewn on the sleeve and hem portion with the material output in a grid pattern with a 3D printer.

Looking up it is like this. Instead of manufacturing the whole clothes with a 3D printer, we take in the parts we output with a 3D printer in clothes, and at the end it seems that the tailor craftsmen finish it by hand sewing. At the production site, it was a strange sight that machines of PC and 3D printer are working side by side next to human designers.

The state that the model is actually wearing is like this, and the parts are familiar to the fabric of the clothes so much that I can not imagine that parts using 3D printers are used when looking at the distance.

The set of white jacket and mini skirt shown on the right side of the photo was sewn on top of the quilted ground with the material output in a mesh pattern with a 3D printer.

Looking up, it is as follows. Although the mesh-like material looks like cloth at first sight, it is a solid touching feeling like silicon.

By combining fabrics sewn with gold sequins on the back side of white parts made with 3D printers, it seems that the colors of clothes will change depending on the angle.

The way the model is wearing is as follows.

This is a red version of a different color.

The back is as follows.

There are also combinations of simple jackets & skirts based on black.

The thick output jacket for midwinter also has parts sewn with the 3D printer.

The hem of the jacket and ... ...

Materials like square tiles using 3D printers are also spread over the neck, cuffs and skirt hem.

Work as a Chanel's designerKarl LagerfeldMr. Mr. said that he first worked on fashion design using a 3D printer with the Haute Couture Collection announced this time. Mr. Lagerfeld said in an interview with AFP communication "It is essential to change with the flow of the times in order to keep living as a designer. If you stop in the flow of time like a sleeping princess, people are forgotten I am going to keep in mind that it is the modern woman who buys contemporary clothes and not the nobility of the past bourgeoisie class. "

Many elaborate dresses and jackets besides clothes using 3D printers are appearing in Chanel's new autumn couture collection new work. For example, a coat with three-dimensional flowers on the whole ... ...

Chic black dress.

There is another version of black dress.

Besides clothes, there are also decorative items such as high-heels of silver matte texture.

In addition, the state of the show where the Haute Couture collection new work was announced can be seen from the following site.

2015/16 Fall & Winter Haute Couture Collection Chanel Official website: CHANEL.COM

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