I tried soft Lawson's "Futoforo French toast" until bread's ear

Since there was an opportunity to eat "Futto French Toast" "Let's stick to all the ingredients" that appears in Lawson from Tuesday, September 29 (Tuesday) before release, how much is it fluffy on the whole Saw.

Futross French Toast | Lawson

The package looks like this, a French toast is included in a plastic case with a sticky shape.

The cooking time is 20 seconds in a 1000 W microwave oven, 60 seconds in 500 W. Maple syrup needs to be removed when put in the range.

Remove the maple syrup and warm it at 500 W for 1 minute.

I thought that butter will melt when warmed, but it kept its original form. However, the bottom of the container is other.

I just opened the lid. The toast is cut in half.

Using a dedicated thick cutting pan that matched French toast, it took about 1 hour to French toast liquid, and it was baking over time taking time.

Because it is soft to the ears, the knife is not necessary, I pressed the fork and put it in, I could cut it.

Lots of sweetness is penetrated into junior and bread, the texture is fluffy softly. Even though it is soft, the ear part of the bread is slightly harder than the other, but rather it acts on the feeling that the mouthfeel is quite deformed.

Next, put a maple syrup ... ...

Loose. Sweet taste of maple syrup adds fragrant maple syrup to gentle soft sweetness of egg, milk, sugar.

Tamagota formulated a sweet egg royal for sweets and milk and butter are using domestic products. It is a sweetness of 320 yen including tax, but there is only satisfaction feeling that is made only by sticking. If you like French toast please try it once.

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