A high school student who was misunderstood about his own watch as "bomb" and arrested by the police, President Obama invited me to "come to the White House"

A boy who likes the invention made a self-made watch and brought it to school, he was arrested as "brought a bomb". After doubting the police suspected arrested, it was clear that this one got an echo in the SNS and got a chance to meet President Obama and Facebook's Zuckerburg CEO, such as turning celebrities Has become.

Ahmed Mohamed's clock: from arrest to social media hero | The Verge

The police arrested as "I made a camouflage bomb and brought it to school," Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old high school student living in Texas. Mr. Mohamed is a boy who likes to make various machines by himself, and he likes to invent new equipment as well.

One day Mr. Mohamed puts his own watch in a small briefcase in order to surprise the teacher and brought it to the school he attends. As I showed it to a female teacher at school, because he was perplexed by an unfamiliar device, the teacher reported that Mohamed was "threatening" himself by showing a clock. Muhammad seems to be arrested by the police for that reason.

The situation when Mr. Mohamed was arrested is like this. It is a pattern that was handcuffed and carried on condition of being behind. In the interrogation after this, Muhammad asked, "Were you trying to make a bomb?" Muhammad replied, "I just tried to make a watch." However, it seems that interactions have been unfolded that police officers questioned with a slight doubt that "they look like bombs appearing in movies."

Muhammad's interview telling the situation at that time is released.

Irving MacArthur student arrested after bringing homemade clock to school - YouTube

Muhammad was arrested and on Twitter# iStandWithAhmedThe move to support Mr. Mohamed and his family with the hashtag of Hiroshima spread. Approximately 1 million people tweet their support on Twitter, and many companies from Silicon Valley have also expressed their support and internship offer at their company.

President Barack Obama also expressed support for Mr. Mohamed, "Do you feel like bringing it to the White House? We have to increase children who are interested in science like you like you It is not good because it makes America wonderful. "

Also, Hillary Clinton, who is said to be in the closest place to the female president, said, "Determination and fear does not safely protect us, which in turn stops progress, Ahmed Do not forget the curiosity, continue making things, "Tweet.

Facebook's Zuckerburg CEO also said, "The skills and will to make cool things should be praised and not seem to lead to arrest, the future is played by people like Ahmed, Ahmed, if you feel like visiting Facebook If it is, I will be pleased to see you and continue making it in the future "and expresses the word of praise and invitation to Facebook.

You've probably seen the story about Ahmed, the 14 year old student in Texas who built a clock and was arrested when he ...

Mark Zuckerberg'S postSeptember 16, 2015 (Wed)

Muhammad said, "Thank you for your support, I've never really thought that many people are concerned about Muslim boys," Muhammad said. In this case, prejudice by skin color and name is thought to be in the background, and the voice which is considered problematic in the United States is spreading.

After a single item, Mr. Mohamed has conducted a conference for the press, for more information and future incidents that want to go to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), that to change schools in order that, and many of us supported by SNS I express my gratitude to the people. In addition, I am expressing my intention to visit the White House in response to President Obama's invitation.

Ahmed Mohamed talks about being arrested at Irving school over clock - YouTube

In addition, the police chief who arrested Mr. Mohamed was interviewing, he talked about the circumstances and correspondence of the arrest, and the relationship with the local Muslim society.

Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd discusses MacArthur High freshman Ahmed Mohamed's arrest - YouTube

Besides celebrities such as President Obama and Mr. Zuckerberg, writes and comments expressing Mohammed's support, mainly SNS, are continuing, and Mr. Mohammed is now "sometime person" on SNS . It may be like a kind of "balance feeling" about what a celebrity person announced support and give a special opportunity to arrest by mistake. It seems to be said that the fair spirit of society against the fact that he accidentally hurt the feelings of the boy is looking at it is a pleasant one.

Also, Steve Wozniak who is a founding engineer and one of the founders of Apple is also a high school student, he says he may have entered the prison overnight because he made a fake bomb. It may be the fate of the innovator to make a keen thing and receive a damn.

Wozniak's fake bomb - Business Insider

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