It was shot with a gun to wear Mr. Obama's T-shirt

Mr. Obama of the Democratic Party and Mr. McCain of Republican Party in the United States are doing a fierce battle in presidential election in the United States, but it seems that there was a case where a man suddenly shot with a gun was wearing Mr. Obama's T shirt.

There was no particular point of contact for the criminal and the victim, it seems that it was just a repulsion against Mr. Obama.

Details are from the following.
Man shot three times by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T - shirt | Mail Online

The name of the victim is Dube Egwuatu (36 years old). When Mr. Dube was shopping, he was bruised by the culprit in the store, was bathed in racial discrimination against wearing the Obama T-shirt written as "BELIEVE" It seems that she was requested to come out.

Mr. Dube left the shop and returned to the store after a while, the criminal carried a handgun and took a ferocious dog waiting for Mr. Dube. Dube thought that ridiculous things would happen if you showed Obama T - shirt, it seems that he turned to the car, closing the zipper of the jacket he was wearing and preventing the Obama T - shirt from being seen.

But as soon as Mr. Dube got into the car, the criminal opened the door of the front passenger seat and seemed to have a muzzle on Mr. Dube. Mr. Dube said to the criminal to miss, and when the engine was put on, the culprit was shot at three places of Mr. Dube's hand, shoulder and face with the gun that he had. The gun that the criminal possessed was a gas gun, and the place where the shoot was taken was also out of the urgent spot, so it seems that he took a long life. After that Mr. Dube was taken to the hospital, and bullets were taken out from the jaw.

This is Mr. Dube. I am wearing the Obama T - shirt I was wearing when I encountered the incident.

The culprit seriously seemed to be trying to kill Mr. Dube, saying "I'm going to kill you." It seems that he was trying to bring it in a place not popular. Mr. Dube commented, "The criminal's hatred was very terrible, I never thought of being attacked just by wearing Obama's T-shirt."

The criminal has not been arrested yet and it seems that the investigation is still continuing now.

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