Car dashboard of a near future futuristic car released at the 2008 Paris Motor Show

When it comes to the concept car photograph, although the appearance of a strange design is taken up well, it is the inside dashboard who actually faces when driving. So among the announced at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, photos of cars with interesting dashboard designs are gathered.

There are things that doubt practicality as "Will it really be possible to run properly with such a thing?", But everything is finished in a cool way.

Details are as below.
Renault's "Ondelios" is a dashboard designed like a whale. It seems that you can operate various devices with keyboard installed.

Game by "GT by Citroen" dashboard which was born in collaboration with "Gran Turismo 5". Metallic is overflowing.

Nissan's "Nuvu". Recycled materials are also used for interior decoration with an environmentally conscious car, and a near-futuristic atmosphere has appeared.

Mini's SUV version "MINI Crossover Concept". The dashboard has a spherical meter called "MINI Center Globe".

Citroen's "Hypnos". It is designed to make a mistake as a CG for a moment.

Renault's "ZE". Because it is a green window with impact, the interior is in an unusual space.

Mazda's "Qing". The handle also has a unique shape inside the car like a spaceship.

This other dashboard image is from the following link.
Paris Auto Show: The 14 Most Futuristic Dashboards On The 2008 Paris Show Floor

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