Americans who refuse to "celebrate President Trump" or "Fuck Donald Trump" and start refusing to win President Trump will start a march in protests and enter an emergency

It is surprising that immediately after the news of President Trump 's election flowed, people who did not acknowledge President Cardinal gathered in many places in the United States gathered in large numbers and marching while simultaneously raising voices of protest at the same time .

From the moment of winning trump camp first.

"I love this country, thank you, thank you so much," Mr. Trump.

Message to the Empire State Building "Trump election congratulations" message.

Also, famous remarks that are supposed to be Gandhi 's "Introduction They will ignore, then laugh and challenge. And then we winThere was also a post which compares to.

The media list that declared "Do not support Mr. Trump" is summarized as follows.

And it did not accept the reality of trump election, "Trump is not my president, cards are not my president, cards are not my president, trumps are racist, racist, sexist, madness" tweet I'm retweeted.

Besides, "The cards did not win today, Hate won, fear won, Raceism won, sexistism won victory prejudice won prejudice victory, homosexual hatred won" Tweets In a state that it will be retweeted like so.

"A state that did not support Mr. Trump" is as follows, "This is the only land of freedom and independence, this is true America".

In addition to tweeting, protest demo too.

In Portland there was a protest against Mr. Trump. I'm shouting with a megaphone.

I started burning the flag for protest.

March out on the street crying out loudly "Fuck! Donald Trump!"

People who increase more and more

A state of protest at the University of California Davis.

Protest at university campus.

Then I started marching out of college.

Students proceeding out into town.

The scream of "Fuck Donald Trump!" Continues even at the University of California Los Angeles.

Even here it burns the flag.

University of California, San Diego

Also at the University of California at Santa Cruz, college students protested similarly.

A protest march also at the University of California at Irvine.

University of California, Santa Barbara.

Storm of protest at San Francisco State University.

Cry of "Fuck Donald Trump!"

March of "Fuck Donald Trump!"

Abnormal excitement

"Protest that he is not my president!"

Although the police are acting, too many people are too many to stop.

A growing number of people

It is a tremendous number of people and scale.

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A movie summarizing the large-scale demonstration by exclaiming "I am refusing the presidential election!", "I am not my president!" Against the victory of the cards - GIGAZINE

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