A crew member inside a capsule of a private manned spacecraft "Crew Dragon" is released, to the first flight of 2017

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Headed by CEO Earlon MaskSpaceXA manned type spaceship ship being developed by "Crew Dragon"The image and image inside the capsule of the capsule have been released. It is a futuristic interior that has a considerably different atmosphere from the conventional spacecraft, and when the manned flight scheduled for 2017 is successful, SpaceX will accomplish the feat of bringing humanity to the space for the first time at a private company I will.

Crew Dragon | SpaceX

In SpaceX, a space transport ship for transporting supplies and personnel to the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the orbital of about 400 km above the ground "Dragon(Dragon) "and in 2012 it is the first private company to successfully transport goods to the ISS. "Crew Dragon" is a hull that is being developed as such a manned version of Doragon.

Crew Dragon's internal image looks like this. There are five seats and seems like two supplementary sheets, and the capacity is seven people.

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There are four windows in the capsule that was designed with aiming for a comfortable flight, and the crew can observe the earth, the moon and the like. Carbon fiber of the highest grade is used for the seat, and Alcantara made in Italy is used for the surface material.

A thick frame that supports the seat firmly. It is designed to respond to shocks when suddenly injecting a rocket engine so as not to get caught up in a large explosion at the time of launch and get out of danger by catching G that is taken at the time of launch and so on. Still, the occupant receives G as "the same degree as the Disney land vehicle".

Multiple displays are placed in front of the crew, and it is possible to monitor the state of the inside and outside of the spacecraft, your current location, the state of the system, and so on. In addition, Crew Dragon is equipped with Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) that controls the environment inside the ship, and the temperature inside the ship is kept at about 18 to 27 degrees.

Crew Dragon basically has a mechanism to automatically control all flight steps, but the crew can monitor the situation and can control in some cases. Items such as "cabin decompression" and "departure from orbit circle" are displayed on the panel.

The internal image of Crew Dragon can also be checked in the following movie.

Crew Dragon | Interior - YouTube

Crew Dragon is a part of NASA's space development, which is under development with the concept of "transfer American astronauts to the universe with Americans' hands", as well as the launch rocket also developed by SpaceXFalcon 9It is supposed to be launched to space.

The bow portion of Crew Dragon is equipped with a rocket injection device for escape, complete with a system that lets you to a safe airspace at a stretch when the launch fails. This escape system has already made the exam on the ground successful.

A movie showing the experiment is also released, and after rocket injection of about 6 seconds, you can see the state of opening the parachute and arriving at the ocean.

SpaceX Pad Abort Test - YouTube

In the schedule as of September 2015, it is supposed to carry out the first flight with the person actually put on Crew Dragon even in 2017. Attention is gathered whether SpaceX which succeeded in the transportation of goods to the private sector's first ISS is going to set up the monument again.

The interior image when I was called "Dragon V 2" in its original name was like this.

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