IPhone 6s adopts "3D touch display" which distinguishes three levels of pressure, what is the difference between "tap" "press" "deep press"?

It will be held on 9th September 2015 local timeEventA new iPhone announced at "IPhone 6s(Tentative name) ". For this terminalStrength improvementYaMain camera power up, And even adopted in Apple Watch etc "Pressure-sensitive touch (Force Touch)It is rumored that a display will be installed. Meanwhile, it became clear that the pressure sensitive touch display mounted on the iPhone 6s will be the next generation pressure sensitive touch technology "3D touch display" evolved than the one of Apple Watch.

IPhone 6s to have '3D Touch' three-level, next-gen Force Touch interface | 9to5Mac

"Pressure sensitive touch"Is adopted as a trackpad of Apple Watch and MacBook and is a technology that can distinguish" tap "and" press "in two stages. Report on Apple-related news9to 5MacAccording to information obtained from reliable sources, the pressure-sensitive screen mounted on the iPhone 6s is "3D Touch Display (3D touch display)"This is the next generation pressure sensitive touch technology called" technology "which is superior to conventional pressure sensitive touch.

According to information sources, "touch" and "press" could be distinguished by conventional pressure sensitive touch technology, but in 3D touch display new "Deeper press (Deep Press)"It seems that it will be a technology capable of recognizing pressure in three stages. The name "3D touch display" seems to have been named because it enables three-dimensional pressure sensing by the new sensor.

With this 3D touch display, 9to 5 Mac predicts that various shortcut gestures will be available on iPhone 6s equipped with iOS 9. For example, "When asking for navigation to a destination on the map application, please press the screen instead of tapping" or "I am playing with the music application "You can add music to a playlist by pressing a song and giving a song to a friend, press it even more strongly", "press a strongly on the application icon on the home screen to display shortcuts to frequently used functions in the app" "Press link URL on Safari, display page preview of link destination" etc. I anticipate that iPhone will be able to operate more conveniently and intuitively if you use it well like this.

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Furthermore, if a 3D touch display appears, it will be possible to develop games that can use unprecedented operations using this new interface, 9 to 5 Mac. In addition, if 3D touch display appears, iPad with rumored 12-inch large display "IPad ProIt is said that it will be adopted also.

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