"IPhone 6s / 7" is reported to be a screen with pressure sensitive sensor with addition of new color pink

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At Apple's event held on Tuesday, 10th March, 2015 Japan time, MacBook evolved greatly, the keyboard and trackpad were renewed, and it was announced that gold was added as a new color. New technology adopted for this track pad "Force Touch (pressure-sensitive touch)"May also be adopted for iPhone display, and it is reported that pink will be added as a new color.

Apple Plans Force of Touch Technology for New iPhones - WSJ

Apple's next iPhone said to feature pressure-sensitive 'Force Touch' display

"Apple is planning to be installed on the iPhone,"Wall Street Journal"Pressure-sensitive touch" is a new technology using a pressure-sensitive sensor, and it is already installed in new MacBook and Apple Watch.

The structure of the new track pad of MacBook is like this. The sensor senses the strength of the pressure applied by the fingertip, and Taptic Engine is now telling the feeling of click to the fingertips. This makes it possible to perform various actions of various applications. By incorporating these mechanisms into the iPhone, it is thought that in addition to multi-touch, it will become possible to apply the function to "strength to press display" as well.

According to an anonymous person familiar with Apple that the Wall Street Journal covered, the size of the next iPhone display will remain at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, but like the addition of gold as a new color to the MacBook, the iPhone also has a new color , It seems that there is a possibility that it will become three colors of pink, gold and silver. Production of the new iPhone began in May of 2015, and even in view of the time when iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced last year, some announcement will be held in fall.

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In addition, regarding the iPhone to be announced in the future,There is a possibility that the display expands to the sideAnd that"Curved iPhone" may be madeIt is also expected that things such as.

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