I tried camping with a tent "tent sail" stretched in the air that balanced the hilarious feeling of the hammock and the tenant's comfort

When setting a tent with a camp, it is important to choose the installation site considering whether the ground is not botched or there is no puddle, but a tent that can be installed in the air without worrying about the state of the ground "Tent sail"is. It is a unique tent that combines a hammock and a tent that will not touch the ground by pulling the three places from the surrounding trees with a belt, so in order to experience what kind of comfort it is,Tent Sill StingrayHas been introduced for rentSengokudai Auto Camp SiteI tried to actually spend the night in the air.

TENTSILE JAPAN (tent soil Japan) official mail order site

So, I arrived at Sengokudai Auto Camp Site in Chiba Prefecture.

The address is "Kimitsu City Kurama 2245-16 in Chiba Prefecture" and it is about two hours by car from Tokyo.

I got a tent sail right away. Here we deal with "three people"Tent Sill Stingray". Just like a general tent, all the parts are packed in one bag.

Take out all contents. Inside is the tent main body × 1, dedicated ratchet strap & belt × 3, pole × 2, rain fly sheet exclusive for Stingray.

First spread the tent body ......

I will assemble the pole.

Through two poles in the tent body ......

Assembling of the main body ends when hooking the tip of the pole to the pole insertion pocket inside the tent main body. Three strong durable frameworks are built on the floor of the tent and only two poles are to be the ceiling of the tent, so if you get accustomed you can set up quicker than a normal tent.

Next, fix the belt by selecting 3 rugged trees with a diameter of 25 cm or more. The recommended height is 1.2 meters.

Connect the anchor belt attached to the tree and the strap connected to the tent ... ...

As the straps are caught in the ratchet mechanism, the tent is pulled.

Then the body of the tent starts to rise with such feeling. At first it does not over tighten the strap too strongly, it is about to roll up little by little turning around 3 places.

With less than 10 minutes to complete the tent sail setup, the tent floated in the air. The black cloth leaning from the center of the bottom is the entrance lid.

Since I can not put in as it is, when I hooked the attached ladder to the hook near the entrance, I got to put it inside.

Sneak into the inside. If you close the lid zipper after entering, there is no worry of falling on the floor. When entering it is afraid to get into the unexperienced place called "floor in the sky" and it is fixed firmly with the strap, but it will feel uneasy as it shakes like a hammock. When getting into it and staying for a while, I will get used to the feeling that "people will be okay to ride". Maximum load capacity is up to 400 kg, so even if 100 kg person enters three people will have no problem strength.

There is a surface that can be opened and closed only in one place, and you can look around when you open it. Even though you sit on the border and hang your feet, you can feel good with a fine view.

Looking inside from inside looks like this. The interior area is 7.5 square meters. The floor is flat, but when a person gets up, it is a little slack. It is not as sagging as a hammock, but be careful as it will spill when placing a juice with its mouth open.

If you leave it closed here, insects will not go in.

I went lying down late last time. Because the tent body has become an insect repellent mesh through which the outside scenery can be seen through, you can enjoy the scenery with a lovely view while relaxing in the air. Well ventilation, there is no worry that insects will enter. Since it is not in contact with the ground, there is no fear of ants, spiders or snakes invading from somewhere, very comfortable while outdoor.

Looking down from the top, this way. The recommended height is 1.2 meters, but this time it was about 1.8 meters so it's strange to lie down above the person's head.

It is like this when you tighten the front.

By the way, because of the characteristic that it stretches in the air, it is written that the description is "strong design for zombies".

The tent body is made of mosquito netted material and it will flood when it rains, so if you put a rain fly seat on it, you will be able to spend peacefully. However, it does not pass the wind at all, it is very hot in the summer, so when it is not raining, it is good not to cover the rain fly seat or hook it on the tent body with carabiner etc.

Since it also serves as a terap substitute, it can also be used as a space where chairs and luggage can be placed under the tent.

At night, the light is transparent and fantastic.

Although there was no hook to light the light from the ceiling, there were some places that could be hooked if there was a carabiner.

The part surrounded by the red frame is like a space for one person, there is enough space for three people to fall asleep. When I actually spent the night in a tent sail, the feeling of leaving my body in the air and feeling asleep is similar to that of a hammock, which is quite different from a normal tent. It will not hurt the hard ground so it will not hurt your body. Since it was hardly bothered by insects beset with the camp, it was a perfect tent for those who say "I like outdoor but insects are not good ...".

In addition, at the Sengokudai Auto Campground, from the fall of 2015 "Tent Sailing Sting Ray Full Set ComboWe plan to start renting out (188,000 yen). The content of the combo is exclusive for putting baggage and putting down when put under the tentTrilium hammock"That can be installed on the floor in the tent"Drink holder"And so on, and it seems that you can spend more with tent sail more comfortably. Since the rental start date and the rental price are undecided, please contact us if you are interested around autumn.

In addition, "Tent Sailing Sting Ray" is on sale for 129,000 yen on Amazon.

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