Electric cigarettes are found to be about 95% less harmful than cigarettes and expect to be effective as a smoking cessation support tool

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Volatilize liquid in a thin bar shaped device to aspirate water vaporElectronic CigaretteThere are various flavors such as Red Bull taste and Apple taste, and users are increasing mainly in European and American young people. In the UK, where the electronic cigarette user is about 5% of the total population, the Ministry of Health should publish a report that "the electronic cigarette is less harmful than the actual cigarette," should be recommended to use as a support tool for smoking cessation I conclude that.

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E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review - Press releases - GOV.UK

According to a report that the Public Health England (PHE) summarized the survey results of 2014 at the request of the Ministry of Health in the UK, the electronic cigarette may contain harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke, but its content It is extremely low compared to cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. Public Health England is investigating whether research results are useful not only for the safety of electronic cigarettes but also for reports on health hazards caused by electronic cigarettes published by other research institutes.

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PHE was posted in the American medical journal on January 21, 2015 and called a hot topic "When the heating temperature of the electronic cigarette is raised, formaldehyde of the harmful chemical substance occurs, and the cancer risk caused by deep inhaling of this is usually It will jump up to 15 times compared to the cigarette ofResearch reportI investigated.

As a result of investigating, PHE says, "The heating temperature increases as the time to aspirate electronic cigarettes increases, but the suction time becomes longer when the electronic cigarette flavor is low, Due to the phenomenon called dry puff, the taste of inhaling steam becomes bad, so the user notices that it is in a dry puff state immediately.We found out to avoid dry puff from the aspiration habit of the investigated user, and the electronic cigarette There is no data that formaldehyde was detected from the user to the extent that the human body poses a danger, "he denied the research,A series of press coverage"It is a negative campaign of electronic cigarettes by media," he criticizes.

Also, it was announced in February 2015 "It is found that bringing the electronic cigarette vapors into contact with rats causes oxidizing action and inflammatory response to lung cells and tissues, the electronic cigarette vapors adversely affect human health There is a possibility "paper"In most cases it is used as a substitute for tobacco, the experiment that the rat's lung was adversely affected, only the electronic cigarette steam was used, and the influence of tobacco smoke on the lungs There was also a part to compare cigarette smoke and electronic cigarette, but that wasFree radicalAbout only. There is little data to conclude whether it will cause damage to actual human beings from the results of experiments using the mouse, and it can be said that the relevance is low. "


According to the report, there are 2.6 million electronic cigarette users in the UK, of which the smokers, former smokers, users who are trying to quit smoking, users who quit smoking but who do not want to return to smoking habits account for most of them , It was only a handful that the user started using electronic cigarette without any smoking experience. From this, occasionally said in the media "electronic cigarettes can be a gateway that triggers tobacco"News report"There is no reliable data showing that the electronic cigarette is a gateway to cigarettes."

PHE "As of 2015, about 80,000 people are killed because of smoking.If all smokers substitute for electronic cigarettes, the number of deaths per year falls by about 4000, actually decreases more There is a possibility, "he advised the use as a support tool for smoking cessation and insisted that NHS of national insurance service should pay electronic cigarette to smokers who are considering smoking cessation. However, considering the price of an average of 20 pounds (about 3800 yen) of electronic cigarettes, the period of payment, etc., discussion on the budget side seems to be necessary.

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