Which is bad for tobacco and electronic cigarette scientifically?

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"Electronic cigarette" is to suck steam generated by heating a dedicated liquid liquid. Because it does not smoke, it does not accumulate tar of carcinogens in the body, and even liquid medicine does not even contain nicotine. Although it is an electronic cigarette that looks healthier than such a cigarette, it is also pointed out that liquid chemicals contain chemical substances such as flavorings and therefore have different harmfulness from tobacco. In such cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, which one is actually bad for the body? A movie that scientifically verified that movie has been released.

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Commercially available cigarettes made from cigarette leaves in paper. Smoke is generated by heating with a lighter or the like.

Thermally generated smoke contains nicotine, and when it is aspirated, the ingredients are absorbed by the blood through the lungs. As a result, an increase in heart rate and contraction of blood vessels are caused, and brains are arousedDopamineWill be released.

However, by ingesting nicotine in the body more than once, poisoning is caused by the action of nicotine.

Marijuana also becomes an active ingredient by igniting like tobaccoTHCWill be able to aerosolize and be able to aspirate, but about what kind of effect the marijuana absorbed in the body brings is different movie "Your Brain on MarijuanaIt is explained in detail in ".

Unlike chewing tobacco and marijuana cookie, cigarette smoking aspirates and the physiologically active substance reaches the nervous system in only 6 seconds.

Tar is included in the smoke burning the cigarette leaves. In addition to being carcinogenic to tar, it is a well-known fact that there is a health hazard such as blackening teeth, lowering the function of taste buds.

The "electronic cigarette" appeared there. If only the main component is heated without causing the combustion reaction of the compound,AerosolizationIf you were able to make it, in theory you can get the effect of smoking quickly without damaging the smoke. A typical electronic cigarette aspirator is made of glass or metal and has an electrothermal generator inside. By controlling the heating temperature with electric heat, it is possible to evaporate the active ingredient with minimum combustion, eliminating the need to smoke a lot of smoke.

Even before the electronic cigarette appeared, there are popular suction instruments for marijuana users called "vaporizers". By heating the leaves of marijuana at 185 degrees to 210 degrees, it is possible to aspirate the gas from which only the active ingredient THC has been extracted without burning the leaves.

Unlike the vaporizer, the electronic cigarette does not heat the tobacco leaves, but heats a dedicated liquid called "E Liquid". E Liquid is based on water and nicotine, it contains some flavorings and vaporizes at a much lower temperature than directly heating the leaves.

E Liquid is also added to cosmetics and foodsPropylene glycolA hygroscopic oily liquid such as that is used. This substance is also used as a smoke in theaters and others, and it is known for giving stimulation to eyes and respiratory equipment.

What will happen if you vaporize E liquid containing propylene glycol and suck it? E Liquid is approved by the FDA in the United States, but many scientists are still investigating the influence on health, it is unknown.

Also, the ingredients added by E-Liquid differ from manufacturer.

Some E liquids have a scent like butter and cheeseDiacetylIt contains the ingredient.

It is a chemical substance added to foods that use butter, but by using diacetyl as a popcorn, employees at the popcorn factory suffered from damage to the lungs and airways, becoming "popcorn lungs" It is done. The fact that diacetyl is added to E liquid while it is unclear whether or not suction as an electronic cigarette is harmless is an example showing that quality control of E liquid is not well done.

In the electronic cigarette, the merit revealed at the present time is that it can reduce the influence of carcinogenic substances such as nicotine, since smoke to be sucked is small.

However, it has been discovered that E-liquid flavors such as blueberries and grapes contain harmful substances different from nicotine. In addition, smoke (vapor) of electronic cigarette is known as "ultrafine particle", and adverse effects on the lungs of surrounding people by passive smoking can be considered. Since electronic cigarettes are "healthier" than ordinary cigarettes, it is also a problem that minor electronic cigarette smoking is increasing.

Since the electronic cigarette has just arrived, only the intermittent research results are known now. In the UKElectric cigarettes proved to be about 95% less harmful than tobaccoAlthough research results are also published, at the moment there is no other choice but to wait for new research results on how the long-term use of electronic cigarettes will affect the body.

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