Is the flavor of "electronic cigarettes" that absorbs steam safe?

ByMonica Grigsby

Electronic cigarettes are devices that vaporize liquid flavor and suck water vapor,Various flavors such as red bull taste, apple flavor, cigarette tastethere is. Analysis of the components contained in the liquid flavor of such electronic cigarette showed the possibility that the concentration of the chemical contained in the flavor was not safe for the human body.

Flavor chemicals in electronic cigarette fluids - Tierney et al. - Tobacco Control

E-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals May Pose Risks When Inhaled - Forbes

The research team of the Department of Environmental Engineering at Portland State University studied organic compounds contained in the flavor of nearly 30 kinds of electronic cigarettes such as "bubble gum" "cotton candy" "chocolate" "grape" "cigarette" "menthol"Gas chromatography mass spectrometryWe are announcing the results of the investigation. As a result of analyzing the flavor indicating the nicotine content of 0.6 to 2.4% (6 to 24 mg / ml), chemical substances of 1% to 4% (10 to 40 mg / ml) as a whole were detected. For most productsVanillinWhenEthyl vanillinAroma chemicals such as flavor are used, and many flavors are "harmful primary stimulants" when aspiratedaldehydeIt was found that it contained.

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Researchers said that "the concentration of aldehydes in some flavors may not be safe," and electronic cigarettes may be able to smoke even in non-smoking designated areas, but in the expelled gas "Workplace exposure limitSeveral flavors containing high concentrations of chemical substances exceeding the tolerable value of (WEL) twice a day are also found. Even vaporizing a liquid is considered to be a "steam" with a low moisture content, it is considered that the chemical substance will be at high concentration, and although it is not at a level that will have a harmful effect on the human body immediately, it will be used for long term use There is concern about safety in relation to that.

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Since the electronic cigarette flavor does not have usage data for more than 25 years, long-term influence on health is not known in detail. Researchers in the state of Portland "E-cigarette manufacturers must correctly display the chemical substances contained in the flavor on the label and need to be informed of the hazards and exposure limits of chemical substances contained in" in gas " "I am talking.

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