It turns out that Apple is negotiating with a vast running test site for the development of a car, and the possibility of starting the race is also close

It was whispered suddenly from the beginning of 2015Self-driving car owned by AppleAlthough it is a rumor, it turned out that the official document obtained by The Guardian is moving forward to support it. There is a possibility that the development by Apple is proceeding to the stage where the test run by actual vehicle is not so far.

Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car | Technology | The Guardian

The Guardian obtained documents on facilities existing in California based on the law "Public Records Act" stipulated on the management of official documents. According to it, Apple is considering a facility called "GoMentum Station" located in the outskirts of San Francisco as a candidate for self-driving car development, and at the stage when Apple engineers and representatives of GoMentum Station are already making arrangements It is said that it is contained.

GoMentum Station is a navy stock left in the Navy which was used around the time of World War II and is currently managed by the military. Located just 40 miles from Apple-based Silicon Valley, it has 2100 acres (so-called "Tokyo DomeGeneral roads and highways have been reproduced in the vast premises of 181 pieces, and under the management of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), self-driving cars and "connected cars (car connected to the network ) "Is used as a place where development such as development is done. Already at this facility, car manufacturers such as Mercedes · Benz and Honda are developing it.

GoMentum Station - Redefining Mobility

Apple's extensive site near the Silicon Valley and security at the military level also seems to be showing a high interest in the use of this facility and it is already in charge of the GoMentum Station personnel It seems that we are in close negotiations, including requesting information such as layout and actual photographs. At the end of May, at the GoMentum Station, a self-driving car reporter wrote in an e-mail to Apple's engineer, Frank Fieron, "I'd like to meet with you to advance the case and keep your test schedule" It has also been found out.

In this regard, Apple has not announced any comments. One CCTA chief, Randy Iwasaki, says that there is a confidentiality agreement with Apple, he says, "I can only talk about Apple's showing up here and showing interest."

Apple is believed to have an automobile development base in the city of Sunnyvale, several miles from the headquarters in Cupertino, but its details are still wrapped in veil. Although it is almost impossible for information to be transmitted, it seems that there is a possibility that it will be started in the future where driving tests using vehicles are not so far from the move that became clear this time.

Incidentally,Six key people in Apple's automobile makingDesigner Mr. Mark Newson says that the interview of the Wall Street Journal is "irritated" about the environment surrounding the current car design. "I have been in a good condition in the past, but now it is the level of the bottom," he seems to be interested in what Mr. Newson's remarks mean.

Designer Marc Newson on Fountain Pens and the Sad State of Cars - WSJ

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