Science what salt should be added at the timing of cooking

With self-cateringI cook with the recipe material but why is not it tastyAlthough the situation arises, not only the ingredients but also "the timing of putting foodstuffs" is important for cooking. So I repeat the experiment to make the best recipeAmerica's Test KitchenIt scientifically explains the best timing to add salt to cooking.

Science: When to add Salt During Cooking - and Why - YouTube

"At a cooking school or restaurant, I always say" Salt should be added at the initial stage of cooking, not at the end of cooking ", says Dan Souza.

How much difference will occur in the taste of dishes at the timing of salt introduction? So, with roasted carrots ......

Take a closer look at the stewed beef stew.

That is why we will add salt at the beginning of cooking. Sprinkle salt on a carrot out of fire ... ...

Add meat at the very early stage also to meat and onion used for beef stew.

When comparing the carrot with salt added at the beginning of cooking and the carrot with salt added at the end, it was said that a very blatant difference was born. The carrots carved with half teaspoon of teaspoon before passing through the fire are rich in flavor and tasteful overall.

On the other hand, carrots sprinkled with salt after roasting ......

Only the surface was salty, it was a finish with rich flavor.

In the case of beef stew, add salt to the surface of raw meat ......

Salt was sprinkled directly on the pan even when stirring onion.

This is the finished beef stew.

The beef stew with salt added at first at the end of cooking had a taste firmly tasted evenly to the back of meat, compared to the one with salt added at the end of cooking.

Furthermore, it seems that the liquid part was never too salty.

According to Mr. Souza, in the past experiments, it is known that the cooler one is, the longer it takes for the taste to penetrate into the center of the food material. Until the boiling point is reached, the taste stain It seems that the ease of damping will be doubled about twice. Therefore, it took 24 hours to taste the turkey put in the refrigerator.

In addition, some vegetables have two hard cell walls, it is harder to taste than meat with one thin membrane, and it takes time, so it is important to shake the salt at the early stages of cooking is.

If you forget to add salt in the early stages of cooking, it is OK even if you add it at the end, but do not forget to reduce the amount at that time.

For example, if roasted carrots, 25% of the specified amount.

In the case of stew, let's keep it at about 30%.

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