The awesome JavaScript mega demo "BLCK 4777" that runs in the browser while playing music at just 1 KB

A video work that combines computer graphic animation and music made with data capacity that can fit within 1 MB (1024 KB)MegademoI call it. A contest competing content created by restricting such mega demo to a smaller capacity of 1 KB (1024 bytes), Real time animation with JavaScript that can play music up to the browserBLCK 4777 *Works such as "It is published".

BLCK 4777 * by p 01 / ribbon

Clicking on "START" will generate 2 minutes of video work with music.

In some cases, a warning "Script not responding" appears, but click "Continue processing" and wait a while, the screen switches and the animation is played automatically. In the smartphone environment at hand, the dialog of "script without response" was displayed many times, and even if you tap "Continue processing", you could not reach the playback.

The movie that actually captured the contents of BLCK 4777 * can be seen from the following.

BLCK 4777 by p01 / ribbon - YouTube

When I thought that the screen became dark and "I'm frozen", I heard the white noise called Za, and when I look closely, the black triangle moves in the center of the screen.

The triangle advances to the back of the screen, and finally three triangles appear. Music began to ring in accordance with the movement of the triangle.

A light of light appears, and when it hits a triangle ... ...

It has become a work that rhythm and melody will overlap with beautiful effects like glass breaks down and experience experiences that can not be thought of as being in the same capacity as the text of only 2 to 3 paragraphs I can.

In addition, I made "BLCK 4777 *"@ P 01Works by creators other than creators are posted on the following pages, and there are works that are suspected of suspecting that this is also really 1 KB.

2015 / 1k intro - Assembly Archive

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