Headline news on August 17, 2015

After the Bon festival, as soon as Lotteria is a new product for the autumn of appetite "Heavy burgerWe will announce to sell from August 27 (Thursday). This burger's patty is about 20 mm thick. As for sauce, we use Japanese onion sauce which added Hokkaido onion based on this brewed soy sauce. In addition, three domestic mushrooms combined "Domestic three kinds of mushroom thick-walled hamburgers"Together with a half-blown egg"Temperess moon thick mouth hamburgersIt is scheduled to be released at the same time.

~ A perfect burger appeared from Lotteria, perfect for the fall of appetite ~ "Heavy thick hamburger" Limited release from August 27 (Thurs), 2015!

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

One of the shops of birthplace of omelet rice We ate "chicken omelet rice" at the North Star - GIGAZINE

What is Europe's first manga cafe in the middle of Paris "Urabasu"? - GIGAZINE

When ammonium dichromate and mercury thiocyanate meet, ridiculous things come out - GIGAZINE

NFC built-in ring that can send and receive various data just by holding it over "NFC Ring" - GIGAZINE

"Furipan" which delivers up to seven pants to home every month for free - GIGAZINE

Painful breathtaking beauty, pictures of sunsets and morning glows taken all over the world 30 pictures - GIGAZINE

Photo that shows how far the recovery of disaster area has progressed for 5 months after the earthquake - GIGAZINE

"HUNTER × HUNTER" press conference that "Bonds are gon" and Mr. Ban Megumi who was pushed back and gon appeared appeared - GIGAZINE

"A bikini car wash service" in which a beautiful woman of Akiki Tappuri washes her favorite car - GIGAZINE

Energetic farmer girls make a charity calendar for nude - GIGAZINE

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CNN.co.jp: Children who have come seeking food, western part of the rice replacing cat doors

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
The universe gradually dying - Astro Arts

I read "Why did Alzheimer become an Alzheimer?" - Empty Revolution Receive

Discover a new type of anko in the deep sea "like a nightmare" | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
The possibility of a crash of an unidentified passenger plane in Indonesia is intensified NHK News

Injured five car injured near JR Ikebukuro station, self-arrested doctor's man arrested - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Police officer in job qualities, heavy body unconscious of being hit by bicycle Kochi: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Sano Apologies "Staff will copy third-party design" Prize problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Sano "Third Party Design Used as It" NHK News

This problem is due to the fact that some bags designed by Mr. Sano who was a major beer maker "Suntory Beer" gifted to purchasers in non-alcoholic beer campaign are similar to designs of other works etc. On the Internet etc. It was pointed out by. The manufacturer received an offer from Mr. Sano, and from 13th we deal with 8 kinds of designs out of 30 kinds.
Mr. Sano said on Monday that the designer who was jointly producing was using the design of the third party as it was through the official website and that Sano knew about this for the first time We made the results of the survey.
In addition, "There is no way to use the design that seems to belong to a third party as it is before the legal problem itself. I am insisted on my own professional sweetness and staff education, We are strictly accepting it "and posted comments that appreciate.

hereimageThere is.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Sano Design" BEACH "US Designer Furious" Legal Means Examined "- Livedoor Blog

"Japan is a model for all countries", rice welcomes discourse of 70 years after the war | Reuters

A woman from a manager who "has a poor duty", kicks and kills a man's subordinates

Real GDP in the April-June quarter, 1.6% annual declining consumption and export sluggish: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Large explosion or counterattack of Jiang Zemin faction of Tianjin Xi Jinping vs Jiang Zemin of humanity and justice defunct fight, finally to the final phase |!? Beijing of random Walker | modern business [Kodansha]

"Pickled mahjong is inappropriate for nursing care" Kobe City to regulate business: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kobe City decided on a policy to regulate day service facilities that make main petition and prevention of nursing care such as pachinko and mahjong the main training content. We submit to the September parliament a bill to revise the ordinance that we can not designate operators of such facilities as business operators. It is said to be the first in the country if it is formed.

The stunning black jokes Weekly Playboy series titled Toshiba Fraud Accounting Case (207) | Tachibana Official Site

【Sankei · FNN public opinion survey】 Cabinet approval rate recovered to 43% Prime Minister's discourse "Evaluation" 57% Security bill "necessary" 58% (1/2 page) - Sankei News

Tianjin explosion residents ask compensation and protests NHK News

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【There is a picture】 Difference of a woman's ass that she squats every day wwwwwwww: Kini speed

【Harsh ...】 No way, I am. The first 3 months the gay infected with HIV traces - Letibee Life

Even if you are infected with HIV, you will not get anti-HIV medication immediately. Anti-HIV medicine is a very high medicine, it is a medicine that is so high that it will not be able to live even if it is a 30% burden, so you need to obtain a disability pocketbook and use a medical system called independence support medical care. But getting it takes time. In the meantime, while you are not drinking anti-HIV medicine, you must prevent diseases caused by AIDS. It is "inhalation" to do at the hospital at that time.

【Japan's argument】 "NHK does not need public lack of NHK" The popular "antenna" in which only the commercial is reflected is popular (1/4 page) - Sankei News

Famima and Uni announced a basic agreement on management integration also in the month: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Protecting about 150 pet crocodiles Canada NHK News

A method of preserving information and investigating when traveling a new land - kumi-log

Motivation for practical use of railway and road vehicles Tokushima Governor "To tourism measures in mountainous areas" - Sankei WEST

【Trend Japan · With Movie】 Earphones Bon dance with no sound to the ear ... "Eerie" even "Can immerse in dancing" (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Probability to die in ○ ○ Sea, mountains, eruption, traffic accident, bath drowning etc. List │NEWS Post Seven

Is "Is not it necessary for a university to have a literary system" true? Solving misunderstandings against Minister Shimomura Circular (top) | Hiroshi Suzuki "Intelligence to Survive Chaotic Society" | Diamond Online

Fault caused by "only 3 days off" - Togetter Summary

Every year, every time a heat stroke problem is raised in the summer comic, the opinion that it should be held in the other season on the net is given. It itself is annual every year, but this time it is a story that a social fault has emerged from such a trivial tweet. Although the way both sides speaks are torn up, it seems that seriousness is coming out when both sides are not responsible for the root cause of the problem.

Misunderstanding that medical insurance premium is "separate belly": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Must have and Nice to have, Use MoSCow to prevent lost thoughts - Internet memoirs

Unadon (pig rice) - Togetter Summary

"Change morning glory" to "face" of Nara · Imperial Palace (1/2 page) - Sankei WEST

Motivation for practical use of railway and road vehicles Tokushima Governor "To tourism measures in mountainous areas" - Sankei WEST

Recruitment note of local middle-aged man - Togetter Summary

Americans' eating habits changed by the US military: I studied geopolitics in the UK

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A story where work came from abroad via GitHub - Over & amp; Out then

Akiba's famous store · Yanagawa stopped tweeting ... What exactly happened - Togetter Summary

【Kabushita Information Bureau of Kazuaki Kasahara】 Public-Private Participating in IoT Business Covering Now in Taiwan 【Part 2】 ~ Semiconductor Manufacturer Supporting IoT Business from Backstreet (by ARM / MediaTek Edition) - PC Watch

Why Why Mobile is Connected even While Moving at High Speed? I asked the radio countermeasure technician about that mechanism | Genba Damasi SP | Special Issue | Digital Information Magazine TIME & SPACE (Time and Space) to make tomorrow a little HAPPY!

Experience corner of Cerevo products was set up at Tsukumo stores in the four major cities across the country | Announcement from Cerevo

Complete process of making zip code batch tracking program from scratch with GoogleAppsScript (first part)

New Evernote Web version

(April - August 2015 version) Windows Update does not start, does not end, fails

"Ad blocking" software that causes death to media of 2 trillion yen or more for loss | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

Only two habits you should do with remotely working developers - @ kyanny's blog

1. Chat · Issue Tracker · Early reply on asynchronous communication tool such as e-mail
2. Chat · Issue Tracker · Frequently report your situation on asynchronous communication tool such as e-mail

ISUCON The key to breaking through qualifying is to solve past questions so I tried it for free (Vagrant + Ansible) - D minor oriented

Manage and share photos with the Eyefi application and the Eyefi cloud | Hacks for Creative Life! - Lifetime to make tomorrow a bit creative -

Arrested on suspicion of illegally storing software to create computer virus | Slad developer

Reason why Indian-born Google new CEO Thunder Pichai is loved | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

I made my own PC and put Arch Linux - k0kubun's blog

Security Camp 2015 Tour Summary - What can not be written on Twitter

Customize when using only ATOK in Windows 10, Japanese input | Robby aroku

Economic effect of comiket which can not be ignored, up to Chugai's mining business living in the corner of the TSE Flighting: Market situation Kabu full force 2 floors

Sashi drinking interview with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro! What is the future of food in robot society? - mesh passage

87% female high school student "LINE stamp billing amount is less than 1,000 yen total" I studied the female high school student LINE and smartphone call. 110 high school girl high school students questionnaire | Application marketing research institute

【Japan's Discussion】 "New Left Wing" "Cult" Violent Power of Web Traitor Contingency Web Site Attacking Black Enterprise Professionals (1/4 Page) - Sankei News

I wrote about the operation of HHVM on Web + DB PRESS Vol.88 - BLOG :: Haruka

After August 18, it may be impossible to confirm the search keyword? It becomes impossible to acquire search queries by Yahoo search becoming SSL. - SONOTA

The basis of copyright infringement learned by Tote Bag Design Pacri Incident (Kiyoshi Kurihara) - Individual - Yahoo! News

IT Manga 2015 edition - I tried collecting manga that IT can enjoy fun - Publickey

Airbnb's issue "Good people's night" "Bad people's night" - Fixed point observation of apartments and leaflets

【Caution】 Frequent fraud accusing Chrome investigation | Multiple Access! More Fun!

Responsive page created with Dreamweaver and Bootstrap 1st "Layout of the hero area using Jumbotron" | Adobe Creative Station

The role of advisory engineer - Life is Really Short, Have Your Life !!

【Ken Fujimoto's Digital Audio Laboratory】 No. 646: Why the voice of Sachiko Kobayashi to Bocaro? Listen to Yamaha the secret of "Fist Plugin" - AV Watch

If you want to raise a programmer, do something other than a program - Viscuit developer Harada Haraka × Cybozu Aono president of programming education | CodeZine × Cybozu expression

Explorer becomes unstable when "Open folder window with another process" setting is enabled on Windows 10 Bug

Beginning "Feature feature" blending editing, user activities and engineering - Hatena bookmark development blog

Press release presentation: "docomo gacco Co., Ltd." founded | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

Toshiba: Press release (2015-08-17): Release of wristband type biometric sensor "Silmee ™ W20" "Silmee ™ W21"

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Thinking about TPP copyright issues at Comiket NHK News

At the age of 41 I knew the east and it came to die And when I was 45 years I got a coterie magazine and I met ZUN ... My dream will come true someday - EXACLE! (1/6)

Picture of cosplayers' photographs taken on Comike 1st day # C88 # C88 Cosplay: Mezumu Studio

What is it with Autodesk's new game engine "Stingray"? - GAME Watch

I have infiltrated the doujinshi sale of Taiwan! - Togetter Summary

【C 88】 Comic Market 88 Day 2 Summary: Moe Ota news bulletin

TV Animation "Fafner of the Azure Final EXODUS" 2nd Cool 2nd PV! - YouTube

RWBY Volume 1 C88 Japanese dub Trailer (Japanese dubbed version) - YouTube

Strike the Blood OVA - YouTube

TV animation "Heavy Object" Comic Market 88 Public Promotion Video - YouTube

"Hacka Doll THE Animation ~ Animation" PV - YouTube

TV anime "Anti-Magic Gakuen 35 Test Platoon" Tiza PV - YouTube

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Takei Sosuke, World Masters Land 400 m Relay Gold Medal - Performing Arts: Nikkan Sports

TBS will return the coverage report of all coverage at the Koshien prohibited area, next time also not issued - Sponichi Annex baseball

TBS, violation of Critical Gathering Requirements at Koshien wwwwwww Baseball

38 No Name Mr. @ OPEN 2015/08/17 (Monday) 13: 07: 47 ID:
Although it is not annual, there are lots of hardships

High school baseball, borrowed in response to a press certificate Nagasaki Bunka Broadcasting Employee - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

【Major League Division】 Following Shogi, even baseball! Is it? Senior v. Vs. computer's first actual confrontation Strike, which ball is judged which is correct? (1/3 page) - Sankei news

Is the Tokyo Olympic Emblem still in time? The Osaka World Exposition Symbol Marked Upside Down just before the Presentation Conference - Unlimited Perpetual Wishes

Mirror mirror (9) ● About various problems of designer Kenjiro Sano | Yukio Tachikawa | note

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Ball girl who a professional baseball player tried to hand over to a child was intercepted by surrounding donor - livedoor blog

Reason why Mr. Kurisu Sakurai of Mr. Children does not make political remarks - Excite Bit Connector (1/3)

Who is the song "Happy Birthday To You" «WIRED.jp

The copyright of this famous song is effective until 2030 in the United States. It is owned by Warner · Chapel Music Publishing now and gains many profits each year. However, due to the rediscovery of the old music in 1922, this song may become a public domain.

[Sad] More than 70% of Japanese found "I do not know what music is house music" wwww: IT bulletin

What I'm seeing in the Jobs movie: Birds Piyo Piyo

Olympic organization committee condemns the Belgian designer side - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

NHK conducted tracking data utilization J league relay viewer viewer's impressions are: Domestica blog

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Pino" commitment that condensed coffee beans original taste into one grain newly appeared! "Pinot scenting aroma coffee" Notice of limited-time release on the whole country from August 24 (Monday)

~ Fall and winter classic hot juice drinks are more delicious! ~ "Pokkaboka Lemon" "Pokkaka Yuzu Lemon" New release throughout the country from Monday, August 31, 2015 - News Release | Company Info | Pokka Sapporo

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