Charging Robo that charges automatic movement with snakeshoe like snake appears

Tesla Motors has released a snake-like fully automatic charger developed by Tesla on Twitter. Moving down to electric vehicles "Model SIt is a masterpiece to charge automatically ".

You can check Tesla's snake-like charging robot with the following movie in tweet and Official Movie on YouTube.

Charger prototype finding its way to Model S - YouTube

The charging port on the left rear of Model S opened.

As soon as the metal stick was lying down, it began to move around like a neck lower ... ...

I will head to the charging port.

Discovering the charging port while exquisitely adjusting the degree of curvature of the neck.

Successful docking with "Nyokitsu" and last human growth. Charging started.

Tesla's CEO Eelon Mask had revealed that he was working on the development of a robot which automatically extends from the wall like a snake on Twitter in December 2014, but at last it was only a matter of practical use It seems.

The model S is scheduled to release an update that can run fully automatic in the near future, but Tesla electric cars are likely to be able to fully automate not only the operation but also the charging.

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