The fastest "world's fastest" techniques, animals, Ferris wheel etc. Conclusion of various things

A movie that collects "the world's fastest things" in various fields such as a punching-out machine like a machine gun, typing performed at an unstoppable speed, looking at the speed of becoming uneasy when watchingWorld's Fastest Everything 2015 [NEWER VERSION]"Has been released.

World's Fastest Everything 2015 [NEWER VERSION] - YouTube

First of all, it is a serve of tennis. It is Samuel Gross who has the world's fastest record of tennis serve at the time of article creation, and the speed of Saab is 263 km / h. It is hard to understand in the image, but when you actually look at the movie you can see the ball goes through the side of the opponent at an unstoppable speed in the eyes.

Next is the world's fastest punch which is no longer an afterimage. You are punching outFarid BerlinMr. is. Berlin isTransform body to muscles body shape in only 40 daysIt is also known to have done, and the official record of "how many punches are paid out in one second" is not disclosed, but the appearance in the movie is like a machine gun.

Next, the world's fastest 3D printer. Something like a liquid is visible in the case.

The Eiffel Tower appeared from the liquid. this is"Continuous liquid interface 3D printingIt is called a technique called movie, and you can see 3D movie from the movie and it seems that you are building a three-dimensional object in less than seven minutes.

The state of the tunnel was shown this time.

The train jumped out with Hyun ......

It will pass away quickly.

The following image is in the train. The speed is 600 km / h. It was a state of superconducting linear high-speed running test conducted in Yamanashi Prefecture on April 21, 2015.

A man who does not make tremors but is a man who moves typing only by moving the fingertip at high speed.

I typed the sentences displayed on the screen exactly one character at a time.

It is Sean Wrona who is hitting letters. In the typing championship of 2010, I won the victory by inputting 164 words per minute.

The car that was projected subsequently was stored in the hangar.

With a jet engineThrust SSCThe speed is how fast it is 1228 km / h. It was recorded as the car that exceeds the sound speed for the first time in the world.

The main body size is 16.5 m × 3.7 m, and the weight is 10.5 ton. UK specification jet fighterF-4K / MWe have 2 engines same as those loaded on the side.

There are things that become the world's fastest Ferris wheel. This is the only thing I can do to watch the movie, but it is running at the speed that makes me uneasy.

Spiderman is riding a drag racing exclusive bike.

The race started ......

The speed goes up steadily.

This is a picture of motorcycle drag race, the rally who drove the bike · "Spider-Man" · McBride was the fastest drag motorbike in the world, recording time of 365 km / h, 5 sec 765 at maximum speed.

Next is the fastest dog in the world.

Jump over obstacles lightly ......

I will pass through the pole very quickly.

And ...

I got back to the trainer 's arms in the world fastest.

On 16th January 2014, Microsoft researchers and Windows Phone engineers presented Guinness with the record "The fastest typing on the smartphone touch screen".

That is what typing is like. I typed on Windows Phone 8.1 was 15 years oldGaurav SharmaMr. I made a text message of 25 words in 18.44 seconds.

I will enter the message with the feeling "slide my finger" rather than "hit" the character anymore.

In the movie, Sharma's record is said to be "the fastest in the world", but in May 17, Marcel Fernandes Filho, 17 years old, created texts in 18.19 seconds, and this record is overtaking.

The state of Filho who strikes a mail with phenomenal speed can be confirmed from the following movie. It is also impressive that Mr. Filho is e-mailing with both hands, while Sharma was moving his finger to slide with one hand.

Fleksy Keyboard Breaks the Guinness World Record for Fastest Texting - YouTube

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