Magnetic levitation railroad that runs at ultra high speed with world new record exceeding 1000 km / h · Movie of Maglev

It is a representative of a linear motor car at Hollowman Air Force Base (AFB) of the Air Force Base in New Mexico, USAMaglev train(Maglev) 's running test was carried out, Maglev' s world fastest record was updated.

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The test was carried out in AFB in New Mexico State, the body developed by the 846 test platoon of the base changed the world record.

As you can see the body of the test run is quite small and it is not something that can be manned. The weight is just 2000 pounds (about 910 kg), and it is said to be "rocket-propelled magnetically levitated sled" which is unusual in the world.

A powerful magnet is mounted on the test car body, and from the rail using magnetic forceMagnetic levitationBy reducing the friction during traveling as much as possible, ultra-high speed driving is possible. It seems necessary to cool down to 4 Kelvin (minus 269 degrees Celsius) before running in order to operate the magnet of the car body normally, according to Colonel Sean Morgan Stern, commander of the 846 test platoon, "We We are using liquid helium to float the sled with a superconducting magnet. "

The situation when actually bouncing 633 miles per hour (about 1018 km) which becomes the world new record in the exam is as follows.

MagLev World Record - YouTube

Test rail of Maglev installed in AFB.

A soldier in a military uniform came to check the rail.

The total length of the magnetic rail laid in the test site is 2100 feet (640 m).

A scene changes and praying soldiers looking at a point somewhere ... ...

At the next moment, something that rushing huge smoke and running away at high speed was projected.

Col. Colonel Sean Morgan Stern of the 846 test platoon said "Today was the day when Maglev's running test was the fastest record we got," the test runs at 633 mph (about 1018 km / h) I did it. "

It seems that the world new record was updated at AFB for the second time in the third week of April 2016.

You can also observe the moment of departure at the super throw right from the side of the test car body.

The rocket propellant blew out more powerfully after a while after departing ......

The car body will jump out of the screen.

If it is played at the same speed as the real rather than slow, you can experience the appearance that the car body will disappear from front of you in a blink of an eye.

The goal of the 846 test team seems to be to achieve Mach 10 (about 10,000 kilometers per hour) at Maglev.

Travel tests related to magnetic levitation railway are also being conducted in Japan. For example, on June 26, 2015, JR Tokai is carrying out a running experiment of the latest model of the linear motor car "L 0 series" on the Yamanashi Linear Experimental Line, and in the same test, the world's fastest speed of 603 km per hourRecorddoing.

JR Tokai aims to open the Linear Central Shinkansen linking Tokyo to Nagoya in 40 minutes by 2027, and the L0 series is the experimental vehicle. In actual business operation, safety is taken into consideration and it is expected to be limited to about 505 km / hour maximum speed

Linear at a stretch Updating the world's highest speed of the 603 km / h train (15/04/21) - YouTube.

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