Venom GT updates the fastest record of the world's best-selling cars at 427.6 km / h

Until now it was said that the fastest commercial vehicle is 258 miles per hour (415 km / h) of Bugatti Veyron Super Sports,Hennessy · Venom GTAnnounced that it was updated at 265.8 mph (427.6 km / h).

Venom GT Runs 265.7 mph Now the Fastest Hypercar You Can Buy - YouTube

At the beginning of the movie, Venom GT which runs from behind with enormous momentum

The distance of the test course is 2 miles (about 3.2 km) and is located in CaliforniaNaval Air Station LemooreIt was set up in.

What I came was a huge trailer

Venom GT came down from the container

Various equipment etc. are loaded and preparation for measurement is completed

Measurement started at last

By test driver Brian Smith, Venom GT who reached over 200 mph (320 km / h) at a mile (about 1.6 km)

As expected, the speed does not rise rapidly if it exceeds 200 miles, but the goal is at 265.7 miles per hour (427.6 km / h)

From the end, it is faster than passing through the Shinkansen, so it will just pass "ah".

According to Hennessy this time it was this speed because the measurement course was 2 kilometers, but Bugatti Veyron, who had kept records so far, is four miles (mile) to reach the fastest speed of 258 miles per hour (415 km / h) About 6.4 km) is required, we explain the advantage of Venom GT.

By the way, the speed of Bugatti Veyron at a speed of 415 km / hour is the figure with the limiter taking into consideration the influence on the tire etc.,The maximum speed on the spec that released the limiter is 431 km / h (268 mph)It is supposed to be Veylon's still faster considering it here.

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