Looking at the high-speed clap of 800 pace in one minute with a movie looks like this to break Guinness records

I can clap 721 times in one minuteTo break the Guinness official recognition of the man, Brian Bednarek has done a lot of practice and has finally updated the record.

WORLD'S FASTEST CLAPPER (802 claps in 1 minute) - YouTube

Relax while clapping and wait for recording start.

Count the first clap at the same time as the start.

Before the iPhone's stopwatch progresses 0.1 seconds, it counts the second round of applause.

10 seconds passed. It is pace to clap 13.6 times per second.

20 seconds passed. I applauded too fast and the afterimage of the hand was amazing.

30 seconds passed. It keeps almost the same pace.

40 seconds passed. I keep clapping hands while facing up whether I got tired a bit.

50 seconds passed. Recorded 671 claps at this point, one more step to world record.

After about 6 seconds we will break through the world record, but we still have applause as time is left.

One minute passes and recording ends.

The record is how many times 802 times. While clamoring the speed of clapping, I applauded for 1 minute without almost pushing down the pace.

In the YouTube comment section of this movie, "From the thing" This is amazing "" It's awesome skill "," I can applaud quickly in 20 seconds, but after that I can not keep on getting hot as my hands burn That's why he's beyond the area of ​​being able to applaud quickly, "he said, adding comments on comments from comrades who will sharpen with the speed of applauding.

Also, Mr. Brian who has rewritten this world record is not only fast at the applause speed,MusiciansBecause of that, we are also trying to incorporate applause into the music.

You can watch this clap and the part actually sessions on the drum on YouTube.

Drums and extreme CLAPPING ?! - Rob Scallon & amp; Bryan Bednarek - YouTube

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