As a result of "Shutdown of WiFi 3 shipping, due to reasons why it can not exist", it was discovered that Japan communication b-mobile 4G WiFi 3 was SIM locked

"Shipment was stopped because it turned out that the SIM lock was hit," and the shipment of WiFi router "b-mobile 4G WiFi 3" of Nippon Telecommunication, which was planned to be released today Friday, It has been done. All Nippon Telecommunication products have been "SIM lock-free" so far, "Although shipping suspension is a decision not to have the possibility of affecting business results in the short term, our company It is impossible to ship a product that is locked by SIM because it has a mission to persuade the philosophy of Nippon Telecommunications. "It is a title that can not be released as a truly release, and it will be through the philosophy I am prepared for it.

WiFi3 shipping suspension, due to reasons why it should not exist | Nippon Telecommunication Co., Ltd.

Although quiet anger and sorrow are already being transmitted from the title of release to the truth, what we insist is as follows.

Nippon Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") announced that it released b-mobile 4G WiFi 3 today but stopped shipping because it turned out that the SIM lock was engaged.

In contrast to SIM lock of mobile operators, we opposed it as an unreasonably binding user and have consistently promoted SIM lock release. Therefore, all of the products we have released so far are SIM lock-free, we are offering a world where customers can choose terminals as terminals and SIM as SIMs whatever they like.

However, contrary to our intention, WiFi 3 which was scheduled to be released today was reported today from the manufacturer that Docomo's SIM lock is hanging. Each manufacturer has resulted in SIM lock under the intention of mobile operators, for mobile operators, so our makers have also followed the trend.

We are convinced that promotion of SIM lock release will lead to a free world where users are not bound by mobile operators. Actually, as a new entry by SIM unlock promotion promotion, MVNO has rapidly expanded to 345 business operators, and it is now time for manufacturers to deliver products to customers without depending on mobile operators. Under such circumstances, shipping suspension is a decision not to have the possibility of affecting business results in the short term, but our company as the promoter ship products that have SIM lock hanging I can not do it. Japanese communication has a mission to follow its philosophy.

"B-mobile 4G WiFi 3" is the third generation Wi-Fi router in Japan communication, it corresponds to any radio wave of 2 GHz, 1.5 GHz, 800 MHz, the weight is only about 90 g, the price is 2 It is still unknown when the shipping resumption will come to an end.

Incidentally,CNET Japanaccording to,

In addition, Nippon Telecommunication explained about the circumstances of this time that it was the same manufacturer (publicly not disclosed) as "b - mobile 4G WiFi 2" which is the previous model, and he has done SIM free until now. "Because we have an opponent, I would like to refrain from further details of the situation, which I decided to disclose after receipt of the report, but it was an unfortunate situation since it was a release day."

Meanwhile, according to NTT docomo "We are organizing information", we will tell it as soon as details are known.

Although it is not a simple inspection mistake, it is a possibility of "as originally impossible reason" possibilities as it is according to the release title, but it is a necessity for future movement as to how it will be achieved.

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