Detailed explanation Mook "Visual experiments lain" which you can understand by reading what is lain

Proudly still cultured as broadcasted in 1998, when a line-up of masterpiece animation certainly someone's name will be published once "Serial experiments lain". Visual musk "visual experiments lain" containing detailed data on the work and staff 's "lain view" to help understanding the contents rebuilt after a long time, so I tried to purchase it.

"Visual experiments lain / Visual Experiments Rain ()" Sales Page

It is a book that was in out-of-print for a long time as outlined in the band "Legendary animation" lain ", the only official guide book - finally being released!"

The spine is a bear. In the book for rebuilding, I used the print film when I made the original book and used it, and I reproduce the magazine of the same quality.

The table of contents is in the cover part of the cover.

contents. Although the book itself is diluted, the visual text and the quantity are fairly good. Mr. Koaku Konaka and producer Koji Ueda who was responsible for the script and series composition of all the stories are answering the question "What is lain?"

Detailed commentary for each story

An interview with Kimisa Shimizu who performed Reeng is also posted, the thing which was covered in about 1999 is posted as it is.

The original version staff and the staff of this restated version are stated in the last.

A price setting of 2520 yen including tax with an all color 80P is a little expensive as a kind of such a mook, but one book I would like to have if you like lain, considering the amount of information.

By the way, the official scenario book by hand by Chiaki Konaka "Scenario experiments lain"Is on sale at 2625 yen including tax. By reading together, we can further know the world of lain.

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