"Cyclemeter" which can also check the pace allocation by taking log of bicycle ride even if it is free

I want to leave a record of running suddenly while running on a bicycle, record my own running data using the GPS function etc. of the smartphone when doing daily training on a road bike,Cyclemeter"is. With this application, if it is simple log collection / confirmation, it is possible to use a function of free at once.

Cyclemeter GPS cycling, running, walking and mountain biking for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store

Cyclemeter is a bicycle logging application released for iOS. In the past, it was necessary to have a dedicated cycle computer to log the bicycle ride, but as more smartphones became popular, many applications that can be used on bicycles have appeared.

If this type of application is "RuntasticAlthough major apps such as "Cyclemeter" are available free of charge, even if you want to upgrade to a paid version, a relatively inexpensive amount of 600 yen per year is set up It is one of the points.

To install the application,App Store PageVisit and tap "Get".

When installation is completed, tap the icon to start up.

When the application starts up we recommend purchasing "Elite" which is a paid version of 600 yen per year, but for now it's time to tap "Skip" and let's go through.

As you are asking if you are already using Cyclemeter, tap "No" for the first time.

Then, in order to measure the amount of exercise calories, I will ask for your weight. Select the appropriate number and unit and tap "Done".

Tap "OK".

When the initial setting is completed, the map is displayed and the position where you are located is displayed. At the bottom of the map is the time when you bicycle "bike time", mileage, speed etc are displayed, and when you actually start running, the number will be displayed in real time.

When you swipe the screen to the right, the average speed when splitting the run every 1 km is automatically displayed in "average speed or highest speed in addition to the current speed" and "previous split" or "current split" It is supposed to be useful for grasping your own driving pace.

Swipe it again, this time the screen to display altitude which climbed up and down in the journey is displayed at once.

As you move further to the right, statistics on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis are displayed ... ....

On the rightmost "Passage Point" screen, required time, speed, altitude etc. are displayed for every 1 km. This time it is still blank because I have not traveled yet.

When you tap "Map" icon at the bottom of the screen, the map is now displayed in full screen size. But here, in many cases you will notice that your position is misaligned. To avoid this, tap the setting icon in the upper right of the screen.

When "Hokuto GPS correction" at the bottom of the setting screen is turned off, the correct position is now displayed. This is a function to correct the position using the Chinese GPS system "Hokuto", but if you turn it on, there are times when the position may be shifted, so at the moment it is better to turn off It looks good. In addition, the map which can be selected with the free version Cyclemeter is only the Apple genuine map, and it is necessary to upgrade to "Elite" by paying a usage fee of 600 yen per year in order to select Google Maps.

After finishing the setup, I will actually run on a bicycle. Tap "Start" on "Sports Clock" screen, logging of driving will start.

I ran as smooth as 5 km and tried logging. In this way, the actual traveling point is displayed as a blue route, and you can see where you ran at a glance. Since the mark is displayed every 1 km of traveling on the route, it is also possible to confirm how much it ran, in an easy-to-understand manner.

On "Sports Clock" screen, it is also possible to check the actual running record with numbers. This time it runs for about 27 minutes and the mileage is 5.62 km. The consumed calories are 181 kcal, and the change in speed is displayed on the graph at the bottom of the screen. Please note that the item "Speed" is not part of the statistical record because it is the current speed.

When swiping to the right, in addition to the average speed, the maximum speed, the average speed per division, etc. were displayed.

Swipe further to the right and the graph shows the up / down of the route you took. However, it may seem that it is better to keep it to the reference level because there are times when you feel strange errors.

At the cumulative mileage, 5 kilometers for today was recorded. I will be looking forward as we will continue to drive in the future as the figures will grow bigger and bigger.

And one of the nice functions in the logging application can be said as the statistical display function of this "passing point". In the free version Cyclemeter, there is a function to divide and display motorcycle time, average / maximum speed, calorie expenditure etc. per km. If it's a paid version you can even divide it at your own discretion.

In this way, Cyclemeter was a free version, even though it was a free version, it got a log and it was an application that could be confirmed. Furthermore, upgrading to Elite of 600 yen per year, you can hide ads in the app, support for Apple Watch, Google Maps, auto post to SNS, automatic upload to Strava, log management using iCloud, etc. at once Since it will be able to use more than 30 kinds of functions, it seems that there is no loss even if you check the operation feeling once with the free version.

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