Famicom like 8-bit movie that can understand masterpiece "Terminator 2" which is not too late from now even in 3 and half minutes

James Cameron's movie "Terminator 2"Is a movie released in 1991, a masterpiece that recorded the largest box office revenue in the" Terminator "series. A movie that made that terminator 2 8-bit and 16-bit like Famicom like "Terminator 2 - 8 Bit". It is content that can be enjoyed even by people who have not seen the work.

Terminator 2 - 8 Bit

Like the previous work "Terminator", T - 800 was sent to Hyundai again.

T-800 enters a bar as naked and tells a men how horrible things that "you need clothes and boots that you are wearing, and a bike that stops at the table."

Naturally refused T-800, beat down men and get clothes and boots.

I also get a motorcycle that has stopped in the table and run off.

What T-800 is looking for is John Conner, who directs the resistance army fighting the robot army commanded by Artificial Intelligence Skynet in the future world. In the previous work, the T - 800 was sent from the future to the present age by the robot army to defeat John.

T-800 chasing John.

Finally I will catch John ......

Another Terminator T - 1000 sent from the future to the present age came. T-800 defends John with my shield as a shield.

Visit T - 1000 for a shot gun.

However, the physical attack on the T - 1000 made of liquid metal is ineffective and it is blown T - 800.

Follow John Follow the T - 1000 with a motorbike.

Put John on his bike and hit a shotgun to the T - 1000 who was driving the truck.

The truck wrecked with a big explosion with Bocaan.

However, the T - 1000 is immortal. In the movie, after this scene, T-800 tells John that the future John sent T-800 to protect himself in the past, and you can see why T-800 protected John.

T-800 and John head for a police hospital where Sarah Connor, who talks about the future war against Skynet, is housed as a mental patient.

T - 800 rescued Sarah, who just escaped from the police hospital and was about to be caught.

However, T-1000 appeared from anywhere without going through the grid.

T-1000 forced Sarah and T - 800 to open the door of the elevator that ran away ... ...

The head was torn by the T - 800 shotgun.

T-1000 chasing after three people escaping by police car from police hospital.

I cling to the rear of the police car ... ...

I will be shot by the shotgun again.

Three people who switched from police cars to passengers came next ... ...

An arsenal where Sarah was hiding. Here we get a large amount of weapons such as bombs and machine guns.

Sara, on the other hand, came to Miles' home to kill Cyberdyne's engineer Miles Dyson who will develop computer elements leading to the birth of Skynet.

At the moment when Miles is about to be killed, the T-800 says "I want something to show" ......

Show off his robot's arm.

Miles that saw that, "I will definitely blow up the laboratory!

I came to Cyberdyne's laboratory and set a bomb.

And get the arm and chip of the robot that was kept.

However, it was surrounded by the police who heard the noise ... ...

Switch on the bomb that left Miles alone.

This has blown up the laboratory.

T-800 to make the policeman waiting outside the laboratory full bolly with minigun. However, the T - 800, which was taught that it was impossible to kill people from John, never caused a fatal injury to the police force.

And the three people robbed the police car and fled again.

The T - 1000 runs three people running away with a tank truck loaded with liquid nitrogen.

T-800 that jumps to the windshield and shines furiously.

Against the T - 1000 chasing while the tank truck is overwhelmed and becoming tacky with liquid nitrogen ... ....

I will say, "Asta La Vista, baby (see you in hell, baby)" of the failure of the trouble taught from John, let me eat a shotgun's blow. In addition, although Asta La Vista is a Spanish meaning "good-bye", since it does not make sense in "Asta La Vista" when screening in Spain, T-800 is changed to say "goodbye, baby" It was.

The T - 1000 was tightly shattered ....

Although it seemed that it was done at last, the T - 1000 resurrected again.

The final fight between T - 800 and T - 1000 begins.

T-800 will be obliged to be fired by the T - 1000 vigorously.

The T - 1000 chases Sara and John.

A blast furnace, behind the scenes, the T - 1000 is approaching and a big pinch of desperate situation.

However, the T - 800 who restarted with the final force overturned a shotgun again.

T-1000 fell on the blast furnace to Donbon, and it was a Happy New Year.

In the meantime I thought that ... T-800 tells the two people, "Chips are still left, I have to be destroyed."

Looking at John crying, T - 800 talks, "I understand now why tears flow," I will understand for the first time the human emotions and the preciousness of life.

Then get on your own crane ... ...

Sams up gesture taught by John will sink in the blast furnace and disappear.

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