A new type rotary scream scissor machine "TOURBILLON" in which the three axes swing the seat in all directions and the sense of equilibrium disappears

When you say "screaming machine", various kinds such as roller coaster, free fall, rotating type machine come to mind, but a new scream machine that turns seats around in all directions by turning around the three rotating axes is called "TOURBILLON (Tourbillon)"is.

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You can see how TOURBILLON actually moves in the following movie.

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"Tourbillon(Tourbillon) "is French meaning" vortex ". This time, we developed the screaming machine TOURBILLON is a Swiss manufacturer who is producing amusement machines such as amusement park freefall machines and water slidersAbc ridesis.

When the customer gets into the TOURBILLON, the machine which is almost level with the ground gradually rises little by little overall. Customers shake hands and shake their feet, they still have plenty of room.

When the machine climbs to about 45 degrees diagonally, the pink seated part starts rotating.

One lap round and round at a slow speed.

The seats are arranged in a back to back style, with 24 people capacity.

Well, after the second lap has ended ... ...

A light blue frame starts rotating in the horizontal direction.


Rotation speed gradually got faster, and the rotation that the customer seemed to be heard screaming.

Then, the outermost blue frame started to drop downward this time.

Three axes are gourmands

It seems to be difficult to judge where the heavens are, rather than turning upside down.

I will spin around right and left, not to miss it.

It is a feeling that "3 axes are turning beautifully" for the part watching from a distance, but it seems like a cry does not become the voice of the customer actually riding.

Looking from another angle it is like this. TOURBILLON is a huge machine with a height of about 20 meters and a total weight of about 180 tons, and it seems that it cost about 1.8 million euros (about 240 million yen) for development nearly three years. One driving time is 3 to 6 minutes and it is possible to incorporate various movements and rotations by changing the program.

In addition, TOURBILLON is compatible with both fixed and mobile, and it is a mobile amusement park opened in Paris every spring "La foire du TrôneIt seems that we are considering introducing TOURBILLON. When moving, do you carry the parts on a large number of trucks waiting in the back ...?

From another angle. I installed the camera under TOURBILLON and shoot it at an angle that I looked up.

There is electric decoration around the frame, it feels shiny when it gets shiny at night.

Looking at this way, somehowEarth sesameIt will look like.

Looking up at TOURBILLON from a little far away it is like this.

TOURBILLON spinning around the blue sky.

The most comfortable ride is that "My body seems to have been placed on a centrifuge, it feels nauseated" and attractions that can be tortured for those with weak semicircular canals. In overseas media, "I see ecstasy of vomit flights while driving"It's a nightmare machine"It is said that it is possible to experience not only the thrill of 3 axis rotation but also the fear of worrying about someone's vomit.

In addition, on the website of abc rides, which is the developer, regarding "TOURBILLON"TOP SCRET - COMING SOON!It is written that TOURBILLON's detailed specifications are coming soon.

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