"BionicOpter" robot which can fly freely with huge dragonfly shape and can be operated with smartphones

Wing width 63 cm · weight 175 g, a dragonfly type robot that can freely fly, float and glide in all directions in all directionsBionicOpter"is. If you see the movie that is actually flying, you can understand what is like one thing.

Festo to fly BionicOpter at Hannover | Design Eng | Canadian Manufacturing

Festo - BionicOpter - YouTube

This is BionicOpter

The body is transparent, and it is transparent throughout that the contents are moving awesome

High speed flying

Easy to turn

Hovering is also possible

First of all, the four feathers are to move independently and it is possible to accelerate and decelerate freely all 13 places, including the head part and the body part, by turning it and turning backward It is possible to go to.

In addition to having a lightweight construction that enables such flight, systems such as sensors, actuators, mechanical components etc. are installed exactly in a very small space and are engaged accurately.

Part of the blade is controlled by nine servo motors, and can flapping as much as 900 to 1200 times per minute.

The four motors at the seams of the blades can independently move at an angle of 80 to 130 degrees, so that they can move forward, backward, and sideways.

In order to lighten even a little weight, the head and body part are made of four shape memory alloys structure, furthermore, in order to achieve stable flight by adjusting movement, inertial sensor · position sensor · acceleration sensor is installed, The positional relationship of the blades is also recorded in real time based on inclination, speed and direction.

The collected flight data is analyzed and evaluated in real time by the ARM microcontroller, and by calculating all the mechanically adjustable parameters, it is possible to fly freely while maintaining the balance.

Feathers are made of carbon fiber rod reinforced with polyester thin film

Body made of sintered polyamide and ABS plastic

Power is supplied using two 7.6 Volt lithium polymer batteries. Because it has a Wi - Fi receiver, you can remotely control it with a smartphone.

The details will be held in Germany in AprilHannover MesseIt is scheduled to be announced at.

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