Mario is a moving movie "Mario Is Unreal" moving around in the world of "Unreal Engine 4" realistic game engine with beautiful graphics.

Epic GamesGame development engine "Unreal Engine 4"The demonic map of the men who made Mario appear in the demo map appeared. It is a must-see figure that beautiful graphic world expressed with overwhelming drawing power, that Mario runs around in a row and gathers coins.

Mario Is Unreal - YouTube

Mexican game developersAryoksiniIs releasing a movie that caused Mario to appear on the demo map of Unreal Engine 4.

Mario gathers coins and runs around the beautiful world into which light is inserted.

Mario shows a big jump in the real world why surreal.

A cute squatting action is also alive.

Because the texture of the background and Mario is too different, there is a little discomfort.

Next time it is a graphic close to Mario's world.

The world of 3D animation seems to fit Mario.

Mario standing in front of the castle.

Looking down from the top of the hill, Mario is the hero who explores the open world from now.

This time around and the world of the dark atmosphere.

I will also decide a big jump even in places like the temple where the sunlight plugs in.

Mario lost in the survival horror game.

Mario runs around as quickly as possible without the passage where the water drips.

Jump ......


The next stage is a cave where snow is piled up.

Marco walks Mario.

I can not say anything about the gap between the background and Mario graphics.

Opening the door in a dark space ... ...

Mario appeared.

I got to a room that was a little scattered.

Mario staring at the IH cooking heater.

Mario appeared in a modern and stylish room by striking and changing.

There seems to be a sense of incompatibility, no such thing ....

The last stage is like a beautiful temple.

Even there, Mario gathers coins and runs around.

In the end I flew out of the window to the outside world.

At the end of the movie, compare the actions of Mario appearing in Unreal Engine 4 and Super Mario 64. The action to raise the arm at the time of jumping and bend the knee is perfect.

According to aryoksini who is publishing the movie, all the animations appearing in the movie are created from scratch. Although Mario is a cute world game, it is a stage game, but I want to see Mario's game set in a world that is beautifully close to the reality.

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