Pasta that Italians did not recognize "Cup Noodle Pasta Style Bolognese / Vongole" is really pasta I tried to see if it was eating

On Monday, June 29, 2015 Nissin Foods is a new product "pasta not recognized by Italians"Cup noodle pasta style Bolognese"When"Cup noodle pasta style VongoleWe released the. Authentic pasta, in Italy84% of people gave a rating of "not pasta"I decided to eat what the taste of the new product that has an intense impact like that.

Pasta that Italians did not admit. Cup noodle · pasta style

Cup noodle pasta style Bolognese | Nissin Food Group

Cup Noodle Pasta Style Vongole | Nissin Food Group

So, we bought two cup noodle pasta style items.

"Bolognese" is a seasoned flavor of so-called meat sauce, and a picture of meat sauce pasta is also designed for the lid.

Although this product is "cup noodle", it is characteristic that it is designed to discard hot water from a hot water cut out like a cup noodle sauce. I will eat it by applying sauce etc. to the noodles returned with hot water.

Raw materials are fried noodles and sauce, mushrooms, etc. The sauce contains tomato powder, seasoned meat juice, onions and carrots are included in the sauce.

The amount of energy per meal is 447 kcal, and the salt equivalent is 4.1 g.

When you opened the lid, it contained powder sauce and seasoning oil inside.

The noodles are circular in cross section and certainly make them feel pasta. At first, it contains meat, white onions, red carrots, etc. that look slightly different from what you see in 'rice cup noodle'.

So I will cook from Bolognese first. Pour approximately 390 ml of hot water.

Then wait for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, when the noodles are returned with hot water, discard the hot water in the same way as the cup fried noodles. At this time, it seems that it is better to keep hot water thrown away by things like tea cakes, as meat in the middle gets spilled a little.

Immediately after cutting hot water. The noodles are of straight type, and the appearance certainly has a pasta feeling.

Mix the powder sauce first. From the sauce containing tomato powder it certainly got a scent like Boronese.

Next, add seasoning oil and mix it further. Since it is pasta, it was mixed at the beginning with a fork, but if you mix it firmly from the bottom, you can do better with chopsticks.

After stirring for about 30 seconds, cooking is completed when sauce and oil are evenly distributed. I can feel the sweet smell of tomato sauce.

When eating with a single pakuri, indeed when expecting full-fledged pasta it will eat shoulder watermarks, so the texture convinced that "Italians did not acknowledge it". However, this is not necessarily delicious, and this seems to be said to be a finish enough to eat deliciously with this. The flavors of sweet sauce and the texture of meat fish are like a nostalgic meat spaghetti which I ate at the time of lunch, and it was finished in a taste that could be safe indeed.

The noodle which feels a lightly salty taste, no stiffness but mochi texture is just what makes the world of cup noodles feel. It will be repeated, but I feel disgusted because I think that it is "authentic pasta", so I'm disappointed. If I think that it is such food, it seems to be said that expectation will not be betrayed at all.

Next I will eat 'Vongole'. Here also the photo of pasta vongole with clams and hawk's claws is designed in the package.

Raw materials include ingredients unique to Vongola such as seasoned clams and red peppers.

The amount of energy per meal is 414 kcal and the salt equivalent is 4.1 grams.

Also in the inside was powder sauce and seasoning oil.

When you open the lid, the appearance of dried clams and hawk's nails is over. If you look only at the ingredients, it is vongola without bad feelings.

Pour hot water and discard the hot water in 5 minutes. Because this product also spills from the hole, receive hot water with a tea bowl like this and return it to the cup that is left at the bottom OK.

Combine sauce and sauce with sauce and oil. Thanks to the oil, gloss of gluttonous noodles makes it really appetizing. Is it due to mind that you feel the scent of garlic that should not be included in raw materials?

Suzu and one person. The unique flavor of clams and red peppers' spicy taste is exactly vongola. Although the degree of reproduction is not bad for Bolognese, Vongole can taste authentic flavor. Of course it is not a full-fledged al dente noodle, but it was a magical menu that you can taste pasta with the texture of the cup noodles you are accustomed to eating.

When eating for lunch or the like, it is likely that you can eat deliciously if you accompany a salad with a dish. "Cup noodle pasta style Bolognese" and "cup noodle pasta style vongole" are on sale at a price of 198 yen, excluding tax.

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