Gourd noodles in the world scented with olive oil and garlic Ahijo taste Yakisoba & tomato Salsa taste Noodles I tried

"Conveniently enjoying gourmet in various countries with cup noodles"World noodles"Toyo Fishery, which develops the series, reproduces the Spanish cuisine Ahyejo in Yakisoba"Ahijyo tasty fried soba"Which imaged Salsa sauce which is a seasoning in MexicoTomato salsa flavor noodlesWe are selling it from June 22 (Monday). In order to easily enjoy the taste of the world at home, I purchased two items and tried it.

World's Gourd Noodle Ahijyo Tasted Yaki Soba | Product Information - Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

World's GourNood Tomato Salsa Taste Noodles | Product Information - Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

The package of gourd noodles in the world is a design of Ahyejo tasty fried soba made by Spain and tomato salsa flavored noodle by Mexico.

First of all I will try eating from Ajejo tasty fried soba.

"Ahyejo"Is a kind of Spanish small dish" Tapas "dish of fish and shellfish and vegetables in olive oil and garlic, and the illustration of the ahijo where the steam rises was drawn in the package.

Raw materials of ahijyo tasty fried noodles, fried noodles, mushrooms, seasonings and so on.

Calorie is 527 kcal per 107 grams of meal.

Opening the vinyl packaging and taking out the contents, the cooking method was written with illustration on the container lid.

First of all, peel off the lid halfway, quickly take out the powder sauce and the specialty oil sachet.

Open the quick bag and put it on the noodles.

The contents of the mushrooms are squid, cabbage, red peppers and colorful.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, open the lid of the hot water inlet and cut the hot water.

Peel off all the lid, first of all sprinkled with special oil using olive oil ...

Mix well with chopsticks so that the oil adapts to the whole noodles. As oil is entangled with noodles and warmed, a mellow aroma of olive oil has drifted.

Then sprinkle the powder sauce with flavor. The sauce contained plenty of crushed garlic, and the flavor of garlic was felt strongly.

Completion by mixing the whole well.

When eating it, the flavor of garlic comes first to the mouth and the mouth, then you can enjoy the fragrance of mellow olive oil. "Yakisoba" is related to the rich taste of sauces, but the base of "Ahijyo tasty fried noodles" is salty, so it feels like we finished flavored richly with salt-baked olive oil and garlic. Olive oil was supposed to be smooth and smooth, so it was possible to eat noodles with slurry even in hot summers.

The flavor of olive oil and garlick is quickly becoming familiar, and it feels that it reproduces the ahijo that makes a lot by putting in a lot of ingredients.

Next I will eat tomato salsa flavored noodle.

Illustrations of salsa sauce containing plenty of tomato are drawn on the side of the cup.

Tomato salsa flavored noodles, potatoes quickly, seasoned chicken ground minced meat, onion, red peppers, seasoned ingredients are included and it is a lot of ingredients.

The calorie is 341 kcal per 74 grams of meal.

There was a special oil on the lid with a separate appendix.

Remove the special oil and remove the half of the lid, the potatoes cut heavily were placed on the noodles with a dawn and I was surprised a bit. The powder that becomes the source of the soup is a reddish tomato-like shade.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes opening the lid, plenty of ingredients were on the noodles.

It is completed by putting special oil of separately provided. From the special oil, sweet smell of tomato was made.

Tomato salsa flavored noodle noodles are thin flat noodles, looks like a cup noodle in Nissin with both texture and texture.

The soup was based on chicken, the refreshing flavor of tomato and the spicy pungent spirit of salsa sauce were added, it was a taste that would make it a habit when drinking a bite.

The tomato salsa flavor noodles contain ingredients, especially potatoes with potatoes are unusual as ingredients for instant noodles, feeling good when eating in dry food soup with a mouth feel of Hokuhoku .

In addition, the price of "Gourd's noodle Ahijyo tasty fried noodles" and "World noodle noodles salsa flavor noodles" are 194 yen including tax.

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