I can not buy happiness with money, but I can buy happiness in time


When you go to a beach resort, you can feel the time flow slowly and you can relax. On the contrary, when you travel to the city, there are a lot of things you want to do and it is felt that time passes too quickly. It depends on philosophy researchers how the flow of time depending on the place affects our well-beingJanet BicknellMrNautilusI am contributing to.

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Philosophy researcher Robert Levine and his colleagues said the speed of life in cities in the United States and 31 countriesInvestigationAnd showed that "the speed of life" is different by the community. The survey shows that people in the downtown area of ​​each city "how fast it is to walk at a single time", "how long will it take to complete the transaction", and " How accurate is it "Measured.

As a result of the investigation, the researchers found that "the more the economy is rich as measured by GDP, the faster the speed of life." Also, it turned out that the big cities with many people tend to be faster than cities with less population.

ByMcKay Savage

Then, how does the speed of life go hand in hand with individual happiness? In the survey, people in places where the speed of life, such as North America, Western Europe and Asia, in particular, are easy to smoke, are easy to smoke, are easily dead due to myocardial infarction, and we know that there is a tendency not to help even if you find troubled people. On the other hand, however, people who live in areas with fast living speeds often said that they are "happy" than people who live in places where living speed is slow.

Of course, people living in fast-living places are often economically rich, and economic wealth seems to be associated with happiness. But,Whether a certain amount of income to satisfy a desire is obtained is related to happiness, but it can not be said that further income does not necessarily bring great happiness, As you can see from the fact that the theory "Easternin's Paradox" is still causing controversy over pros and cons, the relationship between happiness and income is not clear.

Although there seems to be a lot of things to do and there is no time to do whatever you want to do, it seems to be related to happiness, but the conclusion that "busy people are hard to feel happiness" It is premature. In today's society "busyness" is often honored. It does not mean that parents busy working for the happiness of their children and busy lawyers who can take high-priced legal fees do not necessarily think of themselves unhappily.

ByRobert Couse-Baker

Indeed, the United KingdomSurvey of Durham University(PDF file)Then, it turns out that a happy person answers "I am busy." "Busyness" at this time does not mean "I'm cheating", meaning "there is no extra time". In other words, lifestyle people like lifestyle fast-living people tend to feel happy.

In other words, rather than "the presence or absence of time", "the consciousness of how you use time" comes to happiness more than the affluence of the economy. Although there is a question of whether "the fact that being happy" gives people a positive way to use time or whether rich time usage creates happiness, those who can not feel happiness , It is also important to review "what you are taking time for."

ByEugenia Loli

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