If you believe strongly at decision-making, what is the "bias" that will bring true and reverse results as much as you believe?

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Filters made up of various factors such as the environment, culture and experience that they grew up were called psychological terms "biasIt is said that it has a big influence on decision making. There are many kinds of biases, from among them "Ji Davies Associate Professor of Cognitive Science Division of Carlton University in Carlton University in Canada," About the bias that invites the opposite result to what you believe " It explains in detail.

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Pilgrims at York University in 1953 by Mr. Merrill Carlsmith and Leon FestingerExperimentso"Cognitive dissonanceA kind of bias was discovered. The experiment was to repeat a simple task such as "rotate the wash clothes all the time" for one hour, then divide the subjects into two groups and explain "to what extent the work was interesting" to those who are not doing simple work . However, one group divided into two can be a remuneration that explained to another person one dollar (about 1100 yen at that rate) and another group 20 dollars (about 21,000 yen).

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According to the survey data summarized after the experiment, it turned out that the group with lower compensation tended to emphasize "simple work was interesting". In other words, it means that the degree of pleasure of simple work was different depending on the amount of compensation. According to Carlsmith and Festinger who led the experiment, according to Carlsmith and Festinger who led the experiment, "Cognitive dissonance"The state called the experiment result was said. Cognitive dissonance means that a person has conflicting cognitions at the same time in himself, and a person may change his behavior and attitude to resolve this contradiction. In the experiment of York University, the group with little compensation received two cognitions of "simple work was boring" and "there was little compensation", but because the fee is not worth the work though it is a trivial task, two groups As a result of inconsistency in cognition, in order to resolve it, I thought unconsciously, "Was it really fun working?" As a result, I told people that simple work was a lot of fun.

Also, in the field of long-term psychology and human behavior studies, it is necessary to use "clues" which are easily conceived and conspicuous in making decisionsAvailability heuristic"Even at similar prices even 1998 yen and so on," Denomination effect "which is easier to consume money for those who set a fine price, people with lower ability evaluate higher than actual by self-evaluation, and opponent who has high ability Estimate self assessment lowDunning = Kruger effect"Bias has become clear.

According to Associate Professor Davies, these biases are working under unconsciousness, so even if they know the existence they will be affected. Since humans believe their thoughts are reasonable, it seems to judge whether or not a bias is applied by executing that reasonable idea. So, when you are biased, you tend to think that you are not biased by yourself. This phenomenon is named "biased blind spot" and psychologist, it can be easily judged whether others are biased, but it is difficult to notice whether you are biased or not.

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For example, when you believe that you are a "good person", you may decide not to become a "better person" and take actions that are rude to the contrary. Also, when you think of yourself as a "genius", sometimes you take a bad score in the test as you decide to study less. So when you believe that you are not "biased," it gives you room for bias. another(PDF)InvestigationThen, due to the obligation to wear seatbelts, the driver thought that it was safe because of the seatbelt, attention to driving was liable to be neglected, and the possibility that traffic accidents increase may be pointed out.

Associate professor Davies says that it is possible that the more you believe, the more you believe it, the opposite may be the result. When you believe something that you do not come into sight such as other things yourself, it seems better to return to the origin and review again.

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