To play the game is not only "fun" but also "fulfillment of basic needs"

BySteven Andrew

Games are a type of entertainment and are often thought to be playing games to "enjoy", but with multiple studies people are playing games to meet 'basic human desire' It turned out to be.

How Video Games Satisfy Basic Human Needs - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

Grand Theft AutoIs one of the most popular games in recent years and offers a myriad of ways in which players can become "outlaws" that can not be realized in the game. In the game, you can take action as you want, such as stealing a car by pulling out a driver, blowing out a sidewalk by car, robbing a bicycle from a 10-year old boy, shooting a gull with a cliff and standing In reality, taking the same action as the game from laws and moral issues should be hesitant.

Of course, it is the freedom of the player to advance the game to the street as it is, or to play the game while keeping the rules of signals and even in the game. On the other hand, the play contents and direction of the Grand Theft Auto which has high degree of freedom game ability are chasing wild animals in the game if the hobby is hobbyist, and those who like marine sports are jet We may be interested in skiing, etc. and our activities may be reflected. If you feel anger with reality it means that you may take action to dissuade anger even in the game.

In this way, there are many philosophers and researchers who pursue "to play games for what?", And according to conventional research results, "The purpose of the game is not only to" enjoy " I know that I know that. British Richard Bartle, an artificial intelligence researcher and computer game designer, claims that "the personality and interests of the players will affect the content of the game play".

In the 1980'sMUDI studied multiplay RPG of type in 1996articleAccording to Mr. Bartle, Mr. Bartle categorizes players into four major types, "Killers", "Achievers", "Explorers" and "Socializers". For example, while Socializers spends time to make relationships with other players, Achievers moves to get in-game status such as experience value, currency, good equipment, etc. "The purpose of playing the game It is proved that it varies from person to person. "

ByWill floyd

The tendency of Mr. Bartle's "The personality and interests of the players affect the play contents of the game" has an influence on the characters and occupations selected in the game, and the person who selected the recovery character is different It tends to choose recovered characters even in the game, and it will affect beyond the game title. Mr. Bartle says, "Playing multiplayer games is seeking identity, if you are a real teenager, it will be done in front of everyone else."

In 2012, five psychologists have also published research results that investigated "types of people playing the game". According to the research team, in particular, the game that can play "ideal self (stronger, more beautiful, more honorable, more generous, etc. role)" gives the player an essential satisfaction Not a big influence was also recognized in emotion. "In the real world, there is some kind of pressure on every action, but there is no such pressure in the game, that is exactly why people play online RPG," Bartle said.

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Many studies show that being able to become unstressed by myself is becoming a major purpose of playing games, Mr. Bartle said, "Self-realization isMaslow's desire for stage of desireMany games will satisfy this desire, as they are at the top of the game. "

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