I went to Denny's to challenge "All you can eat shaved ice" to squeeze as much as you want and eat shaved ice for as long as 4 hours

"It was very popular last year"All you can eat pancake"And power-up"All-you-can-eat French toast & pancakesFollowing Denny's from June 25 (Thursday) "All you can eat shaved ice"Is carried out. I have tried all-you-can-eat to know the limit of the amount of shaved ice that can be eaten at once.

All you can eat shaved ice | Denny's

Arrived at Denny's. We announced "All you can eat shaved ice" with a cool light rain in light blue color.

When I got into the shop and arrived, I found a page of "All you can eat pure ice shake ice" on the first sheet of the menu table. The price is 500 yen for one person (300 yen for elementary school students and below), the execution time is from 14:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 15:00 to 18:00 on weekends.

In addition, you can add ice & solve as a topping on the shaved ice, the price is 108 yen including tax, you can choose from 5 kinds of vanilla, chocolate, kiwi, matcha and seasonal ice. This time, I ordered 3 kinds of vanilla, green tea, seasonal ice "Pine and Herb Solve".

After ordering, shaved ice arrives in a state of raw syrup with nothing added to syrup after a while. Denny 's shaved ice,Reverse osmosis membraneTransparent free of air that does not contain air, that it was frozen slowly over two full days (48 hours) at -12 ° C, filtered high-purity waterPure iceUsing "Fluffy pure ice shaved iceIt is fluffy like snow, melts in the mouth well, and it is Uri that the head does not become a keen.

Compared to the iPhone 5s, this is about this size. The size of the dish is large, but the amount of ice itself is not so much.

The syrup is prepared in the special corner in the center of the shop and it is possible to multiply six types of syrup, Blue Hawaii, Melon, Slippers, Lemon, Matcha, Ichigo, as much as you want. In addition, condensed milk was prepared at the store visited this time.

That's why I wanted syrup to my heart ...

Place more ice topping ......

Completion of your favorite shaved ice! First of all, I tried to make shaki - ice of matcha tea which put green tea ice on the shaker ice with Matcha syrup.

Scooping ice with a spoon, eating soft, fluffy, melting in the mouth, it is a bit different sense from the shaving ice that you make at home. Matcha syrup was a syrup with strong sweetness of slightly green tea flavor, which is common in matcha sweets, matcha ice was a bitter flavorful authentic flavor.

Shrimp syrup is the simplest way to enjoy shaved ice. However, I missed it a bit when I was alone unit ... ...

I tried eating with pine and herbal sorbet. The refreshing taste of pine and herbal flavorful sorbet were moderately sweet and simple impressions were good compatibility with shark ice.

Strawberry shaved ice wear condensed milk ......

I tried to put vanilla ice as well.

Strawberry syrup has a taste similar to strawberry syrup to eat on a street, vanilla ice creamy and rich in milk flavor. When eating together with vanilla ice and refreshing shaved ice, it was a feeling that raises the level of shaved ice that tends to have simple taste and texture one step.

You can bring ice instead of asking the clerk. Furthermore, since all you can eat is done until 18 o'clock, if you visit at 14 o'clock you can continue eating shaved ice for up to 4 hours.

Blue Hawaii with bright blue sky.

It is refreshing in color and taste, refreshing that you want to eat on hot summer days and hot summer. The compatibility with condensed milk was a good impression.

Melon-flavored syrup is a green syrup lighter than Matcha syrup.

It was a mellow taste of nostalgic melons like melon soda.

Light yellow syrup is lemon taste.

The sweetness of the syrup is better than the sourness of lemon, I noticed eating so far, but thanks to pure ice, it certainly feels hard to get "ice cream headache" that happens when I eat cold things at a stroke was.

"As syrup is all over the topic, let's try all kinds of condensed milk and syrup!", I tried to make Rainbow shaved ice.

Rainbow shaved ice can enjoy the taste of various syrups in one bite, but it is no doubt that the inside of the brain will become "!?" Because syrups can not be completely processed in the mouth.

The all you can eat this shaved ice is Denise's Kinya Ayato Store, Nagai Park Store, Sakai Hospital Store, Hamaji Park Store, Izumiotsu Store, Tennoji Shop, Nakahiri Tree Branch Store, Osaka Store, Amagasaki Tachibana Store, Suita Tosamachi in the Hyogo Area of ​​Osaka It is carried out only at 13 stores of shops, Amagasaki east store, Minatogawa store, Ikeda shop. Since the implementation period of all you can eat is undecided, those who are interested should go to the store immediately and try to challenge your limit.

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